View Full Version : For all those confused about the DLC

03-24-2010, 07:18 PM
OK I see a lot of mixed comments about the 2 game packs some people are saying that the games are free and other say there not!!

I thought I would try and help.
The game Packs are free and put together they contain 30 games, all the packs do is enable the Game room to access the cabinets and games nothing more.
None of the games are free to play apart from DEMO mode!! Some games will let you play a little bit in demo and other will just play a Demo for you (Like a real arcade game would)
You can get a Season Play for 80 msp (not sure how long it last or how it works as I haven't yet tried it)
All games are 240 msp (currently) for Local play, IE if you are using Game Room on 360 it will only work as a full game on there and same for PC,
Then you have the option to but a Cross platform Licence for 400 msp that lets you play the full game on both 360 and PC.

Price's can and most likely will change depending on the game etc. Microsoft aim to release a game pack each week with at least 5 games in each pack, I hope this helps out and if I find any more info I will try and add it but for now this is the layout presented by MS but expect them to try and grab every last bit of cash from you!!!!!!!