View Full Version : Combat Simulator setup issues... Help?

RazgriZ FX
03-25-2010, 01:10 PM
I cannot remember having this trouble back on the original, but everytime I want to setup a team game with the bots just to have a mess around it switches the teams up regardless.

So, I set the teams in the advanced setup, everything is good, teams sorted, press B to go back or on screen "cancel" (it's the only way back to the game setup menu correct?), I then click finished setup & sometimes even save the game settings, POW then look at the right side where it says "players" and the teams have mixed up to the incorrect settings.

Then other times it does work & is the correct settings, for instance say for example if I wanted to do the mass kill trick & put all on one team, it states correctly the players all on one team, hit ready to start game, then in game, the teams have split into two. W T F!?

What's happening, am I missing something here?

Like I said, never had a problem way back when, so why the hell is it doing it now?