View Full Version : Out in 6 weeks and still NO gameplay footage!

03-25-2010, 07:04 PM
Seriously Ubisoft, get your shit together. The pre order bonus news article hit the front page today. Its seems Ubi want us to pre order somthing for which they are unwilling to show any peeks at till the very last second. Just what are they trying to hide?? Game of the year, or flop of the year.....?

03-26-2010, 08:53 PM
You make some interesting but true points. Hopefully this is awesome. But Splinter Cell will easily beat this.

Massa Siggy
03-26-2010, 08:55 PM
Shit, I haven't even heard of this game yet...is Ubisoft trying to keep it under wraps or am I just out of the loop?

03-27-2010, 01:20 PM
Shit, I haven't even heard of this game yet...is Ubisoft trying to keep it under wraps or am I just out of the loop?

Not out of the loop mate, if Ubi had released more info on the game then it would have received more coverage and advertising. I think they're trying to use the secrecy surrounding the game to increase interest but from what i've seen, its backfired and now people just have no idea what the deal is. You are evidence of this, lol, and so is the fact that there is almost no forum activity on a huge site like 360A for a game that arguably should be one the years big releases, even in a year with so many games like 2010, POP should be able to stand out amongst others.

04-05-2010, 01:17 PM
theres a video on this site with tons of clips in it

also theres this 3 minute long vid

04-08-2010, 02:32 AM
Yea May 18th is not that far away, but I think Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption are over shadowing Prince of Persia for me. The POP trilogy was probably my favorite games on the original Xbox. And I notice a lot of people saying Warrior Within was the best one out of the trilogy on other fourms, and it's NOT!!! Sands of Time was the best then Two Thrones. Warrior Within was trying way to hard to be M rated, it was bad voice acting and the atmosphere didn't fit the POP universe. Anyway I am interested in this game. In my opinion I know the platforming and puzzles are going to be good, I just wonder how the combat is going to be.

X F1ftY 1ne
04-10-2010, 07:35 AM
So many games coming out in May my wallet cannot handle :(

04-10-2010, 07:46 AM
At first I thought Ubisoft had forgotten the Sands of Time Prince after 2008 and thought Assassin's Creed was more their focus, so I was quite surprised to find out about this game (which happened on accident, mind you. I was searching something else on Youtube and Forgotten Sands was the first result)

No matter what the hype, or even lack thereof, I'm still looking forward to this game.

...Thankfully it's the only one I plan on getting in May

04-15-2010, 03:22 PM
Have you seen this trailer (http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/princeofpersiatheforgottensands/video/6254553/prince-of-persia-the-forgotten-sands-gameplay-trailer)? It's fairly recent, but it has some gameplay in it. They've apparently returned to multi-foe combat, unlike the 2008 incarnation.

They're waiting, apparently, to do a marketing blitz to coincide with the "Sands of Time" movie coming out this summer. More bang for the buck that way, I guess.

04-15-2010, 03:35 PM
I wonder if the timing of the movie release has anything to do with how this game was being handled, since it uses the same prince but the story line wont relate to the film at all.

04-24-2010, 09:11 AM
Pathetic that they had a literal shit-ton of promotion for Splinter Cell, but nothing for this franchise's new entry.

Also, LOL at the Ubisoft idiots using the same single tile for all their achievements again, even after being called out for being equally lazy the last go-round.

This company had a chance at surpassing EA and Activision, in both publishing power and consumer confidence. But they are really pissing it all away.

04-24-2010, 05:37 PM
Yeah, after the last POP I am turned off by this game, maybe I will rent it

04-25-2010, 02:38 PM
I've pre-ordered the collector's edition mainly just because i love the prince of persia game, hopefully the trailers were just like a test run before they fully pollish it off... might not be though

04-28-2010, 01:56 AM
I saw a very early build at PAX East a month ago... I went to their special screening of it...

Looked alright, I will probably rent it or borrow it or just wait til it drops to buy it. Nothing too special really..

Just so we are clear, this is NOT a movie tie-in. They made that clear. Multi-foe is for sure. I saw one part where there was like 10 or so guy attacking the Prince. The "Elements" were just okay. The Water freezes and its about timing when using that ability to freeze and unfreeze the water to use it as a pole or something to swing off.

You are right though, they sure aren't doing much for this game. They did give out iPhone / iPod Touch covers (saying Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands) though! If you want one, I will be willing to sell it to you :) Send me a DM.

Hope this helps!

05-07-2010, 04:40 PM
What an absolute waste. It is now about a week and a half before the release date and there is hardly nothing as far as marketing for it going on. I've seen nothing for this game without having to really look for it.

I was looking forward to this but by the looks of it they are just half-assing it. I wish they had just stuck with the new PoP and continued the 360's Prince and Elika storyline. I loved the art style of that game and rather enjoyed the game itself. I loved the Sands of Time games, but if they are only going to half-ass it just to capitalize on the movie then they should just leave it alone.

I mean christ sakes here, we are 12 days before the release of a Prince of Persia game and there are only 7 topics on this board. Not a good sign. Looks like they should have named it the Forgotten Game instead of the Forgotten Sands.

05-08-2010, 10:01 AM
why does it bother you its getting a small amount of advertising

love to see you guys back in the day where you had to hunt for shops that did games and they werent openly advertised lol

05-09-2010, 01:08 AM
why does it bother you its getting a small amount of advertising

love to see you guys back in the day where you had to hunt for shops that did games and they werent openly advertised lol

I was gaming back then as well. Thing is, things have changed a lot since then, and when a company like ubisoft does nothing for a title like Prince of Persia then it is cause for a little bit of worry. And the lack of advertising worries me a lot less than the tiny amount of buzz the game is generating amongst gamers.

05-16-2010, 08:20 AM
Tell me about it, got the code and we are bloody embargoed to print ANYTHING about it or show ANY footage whatsoever until the 18th May? I'll try and crack off a few of the secret cheevo's in the meantime, as the bloody article is finished and just waiting for 5:00pm Tuesday sigh

05-16-2010, 12:28 PM
This game looks awesome, it looks more like the old Prince of Persia games, not the game that came 2008, I'm propably going to buy this. Looks great!