View Full Version : For those that have yet to buy Awakening

03-30-2010, 08:48 PM
You can buy a 4000 ms point card from amazon.com and have it delivered to you free by selecting the free shipping and not to mention most likely pay no tax (most states). Regardless, it costs 3200 ms points to download it, you don't have to worry about a disc and you wind up with an extra 800 ms points for cheaper than you'd pay in the store for the disc with tax. Not a bad deal for those who are being held back by the price.

I think it's a great expansion, I wasn't expecting anything better.. so it met my expectations and exceeded them by adding new spells, skills, and all of the great items.

Here is the link: Amazon.com: Xbox 360 Live 4000 Points: Video Games

When I bought it it was only a few dollars cheaper I believe, but still at $41 and change, with no tax and free shipping... you get the game and are left with an extra 800 ms points.. if you need to pay tax then it's just like getting 800 free points for almost the same price. Enjoy!

btw I would've paid the full price for it, but it's nice to know I got an extra 800 ms points and it was a few dollars cheaper (because of the no tax). Definitely a great deal for those who want it from a reliable source and are able to download it onto their 360 hard drives once they receive their points. (remember you can use 8gb usb flash cards now if you don't have a hard drive, although I definitely recommend anyone who has a 360 to have a hard drive... there's just so much content for so many games and some great XBLA games to warrant it imo).