View Full Version : Top 5 MCs, D.O.A.

04-03-2010, 01:41 AM
Since everyone thinks a rapper is great, let's see who's everyone's top 5 DOA. In order:

5. BIG - Loved his style and despite having 2 CDs, he didn't have one shitty song.

4. Big Pun - Lyrically fuckin sick. If you haven't heard any of his shit, peep "You Ain't A Killa." No Latin rapper has come close to touching his crown.

3. AZ - Definitely the most underrated rapper. His debut album is classic that many will consider up there with "Illmatic."

2. Guru - Dude spits knowledge. He's monotone, but dude never gets old to be. Respected by all of Hip Hop.

1. Nas - Can do it all but keeps it legit. You won't see him try to do a Soulja Boy track even though he can. He's got many styles.

Honorable mention: Cormega