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04-04-2010, 09:46 PM
Hello People !

I have been Reading here for some Time now and got myself some pretty good Help here. Thought it was about time to subscribe myself.

I am Daniel from Germany, also known as Dfans. Im almost 30 Years Old and into Gaming for some Time now. Starting with a C64, over an Amiga along with a SNEs....

With the Xbox360 I got infected with the Gamescoring and so here I am.

But rather then Playing Games like Avatar or KingKong I prefer completing more challanging Tasks like Dead Rising or StreetFighter2.

My other Hobbys are my Car (Golf GTI Mk2), J-Animation (along with learning a bit Japanese) a bit of SciFi and Collecting Faceplates for the Xbox360.

If there are any Questions dont Hesitate to Ask, I apologise if my Grammar is a bit off and hope we get along well.... as you can see I am a normal Gamer like some of you, not a "Kraut" thats running around bashing Jews... god I hate that cliche.

With that, Guten Abend alle zusammen nett euch kennenzulernen

04-04-2010, 09:51 PM
how predictable you have a VW :P welcome to the site...i used to run a car styling website and used to deal with your countries biggest car styling manufacture FK Automotive (you have got to know who they are!) and i remember seeing most of the examples of there work was moddled on the golfs...really nice cars...

so welcome along, no doubt ill prob come accross you in the game lobbies...

04-04-2010, 10:04 PM
Hi, yes of course I know FK. Though I dont buy any Tuningparts for my Car since its 100% OEM and thats the Way it should be :cool:

And why bother with something else If you can drive the best ;)

No just kidding there are a lot of Nice Cars, also from the US or Japan (mmmh... Nissan Skyline). I work for BMW as Car Mechanic and I would not mind driving an E90 :p