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Chicago Staley
04-05-2010, 11:53 AM

I played the game without using any of the guides for the Enlightened achievement, granted i would have done a lot of the things mentioned in the guided but looking at them theres loads i didn't do either.

I unlocked "If its hostile, kill it" first then reloaded the checkpoint and got "Enlightened" achievement without having to do a second playthrough.

If it's hostile, you kill it. - 20 :gsicon:

This was my ending, whilst doing the ending of the game the Dark Ones were saying i was there to kill them, he will destroy us e.c.t.

I killed the Dark One in vision then when it returned to normal time i killed him again ( not sure if it makes a difference ) and the achievement unlocked.

Reloaded Checkpoint

Enlightened - 20 :gsicon:

Once again i killed the Dark One in the vision but when it returned to normal time i didn't shoot him i let him die himself instead i shot the targeting system which triggered the alternate ending and unlock the Enlightened achievement.

The way i took the guide was if you got the "bad ending" you were basically screwed for the Enlightened achievement and had to do another playthrough.
My point was it doesn't matter what ending you get or how many items you missed off the enlightened guide ( I missed around 8 ) wouldn't worry about it you`ll only have to do 1 playthrough of the game and a few chapter selects to mop up the other achievements you miss.

Zye Hatosu
04-05-2010, 09:56 PM
Sorry, man, but this isn't really news. It's actually clearly stated in the achievements guide that you can do this.

04-08-2010, 10:29 PM
The guide says you have to get "Enlightened" first to be able to reload and get "If it's hostile, you kill it."

he is saying that it doesn't matter what you get first

04-13-2010, 06:51 PM
That doesn't make any logical sense being that the enlightened achievement ending is said to be the only one that offers the chance to gain both by giving you a chance to shoot the turret or not.

So by reading this I can only presume you were on the enlightened ending and shot the dark one, changing it to 'if it's hostile kill it' ending. The reason I assume this is because I had read prior that if you have the 'if its hostile kill it' ending then you cannot shoot the turret and receive the enlightened ending and that it freezes you from doing so. So perhaps you were on target for enlightened, but shot the dark one instead of the turret and it changed proving your character wasn't enlightened by his circumstances - yet because it saves you having the opportunity to decide, then by shooting the turret placement you continue get the other.

This all bases off the statement I read somewhere here that says unless you're on course for the enlightened achievement then at the end of the game, you're unable to do anything with your character accept watch.

04-13-2010, 06:54 PM
I killed the Dark One in vision then when it returned to normal time i killed him again ( not sure if it makes a difference ) and the achievement unlocked.

I actually think that did make a difference because for me, I earned enlightened the first time around and got that by shooting the turret. I played again straight after and received 'if its hostile' by simply letting the detonation go off. So I imagine if you got it after shooting the dark one again on the roof then it matters.

Chicago Staley
04-14-2010, 06:55 PM
I believe i was on the If Its Hostile, You Kill It ending all the way because the dark ones were chanting hes going to kill us e.c.t.

All i can say is if you get If Its Hostile Kill It achievement ending reload your checkpoint and try it before you try another playthrough because after the vision when you return to normal time you've still got the gun so shoot the targeting system to save the dark ones ( Enlightened ) or let it go off and destroy them ( If Its Hostile, You Kill It )

Hopefully it may help someone.