View Full Version : Advanced Stealth Challenge unlocking criteria

A Medium Bear
04-12-2010, 07:46 AM
After repeatedly playing washington monument to get this challenge, i tried out doing this in hunter CO-OP. Here are some helpful tips to get you your challenge and achievement if you are on realistic difficulty.

First of all the map is Lumber Mill
Guns: Primary: FIVE-SEVEN Secondary: M468
Gadgets: EMP Grenade and Flashbangs

Now if you are playing in co-op (which I would recommend) you should have four Portable EMP strikes between you, these alone will make each section easy if you move forward promptly. If you see a group of guys mark 3 or 4 of them and use your Portable EMP to put them off, then rush and hand to hand takedown one of the guys and both of you execute using the Y button, you can general take between 3 to 5 guys down at a time using this method. Surprisingly enough you should be kind of aggressive.

Now when i got it i actually had a detected come up on my screen although it was during a take down, it didn't seem to count. Be sure that if you are spotted to quit then restart.

Other then that after finishing all of the levels on realistic in Hunter, i would strongly suggest this level over them any day of the week. Thought this may help you all.