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Game Room Medal Guide

For Adventure, Armor Battle, Basketball, Combat, Football, Mountain Madness, Outlaw, RealSports Tennis, Realsports Volleyball, Sea Battle, Star Raiders and Sub Hunt, all you have to do is play for the required amount of time. Some people have said that you can get the Time Spender medals from rubber banding your joysticks together and just leaving the game. My arcade didn’t register it, so I suggest you use that method at your own risk. I got my medals in them from just moving the joystick around and occasionally pressing A.

NOTE: While some of the games have quick exploits and fixes(those of which I know I will mention), some of the games can just be mastered with practice(which helps for the Time Spender medals anyway).

NOTE2: Also, ALWAYS check the controls before you play. I was having trouble with a few games before I checked the controls and realized there were other ways of attacking, moving, etc. Space Armada is a good example. I didn’t realize you could fire with RB, and I think I was pressing some combination of A and X to fire. Once I fired with RB, and used other tips I found, Gold came fairly easy.

NOTE3: Courtesy of SirVexBruzer, if you start getting frustrated it may be a good idea to take a break and come back. SirVexBruzer, and myself as well, have noticed that we tend to play better after taking a break.

Asteroids Deluxe – I've got silvers now, and have come close to golds in both Points and Survival. There are two tips I have that should help you. Check out the three control schemes and find out which one works best for you, because you NEED to keep moving, especially when the UFOs show up. Second tip, save your shields for the UFOs, at least to help getting to the medal amounts. If you can get relatively good at understanding where asteroids are and where you can get to, the biggest obstacle is going to be staying alive when the UFO magically locks on to your position. Get good at timing your shields for when the UFO is shooting. A final tip is that the ships at the end of each stage are a must for getting points, and they can easily be taken out by just slowly drifting away from them, turning and firing a little bit, and repeating.

Side note about Asteroids, did anyone else notice(at the time I watched) that the first place score is on the PC, and is almost DOUBLE what the 360 score is?

Astrosmash – This one was VERY easy for me. The first time playing it, I lasted 16:55, scored 41,505 points, and wound up just killing myself because I was tired of it. I still have to get the Time Spender medals, but I hit Gold the very first time I played. Just play safe early, and the multiplier will eventually get you so many lives it’s nearly impossible to lose.

Battlantis – For Gold Points you're probably going to need to reach level 4, which means knowing how to strafe and getting a little lucky. As far as Survivalist goes, I recommended taking as long as you can on the first level boss, because it's the best way to get some time built up. There's no easy method for the Gold though. You're going to have to complete a few stages. The first stage is fairly straightforward, but the second one requires quick aiming and precision. Take out the bats in this order:
Moving across one shot at a time. MAKE SURE TO SHOOT THE POWERUP CART!! It will give you faster strafing ability, making the bats a LOT easier. The third row is a little tricky, but you can do it if you do this:
Shooting them as soon as possible in that order will give you enough time to get 4 and 5 while they are gliding towards you. The final bats spawn almost in-sync in the top row. Focus on the two on the left right away, and make your way to the right, taking them out. Like I said before, missing once can be deadly. The skulls can be hard. Best advice I can give: Your primary focus should be avoiding their projectiles, all the while shooting. Eventually one of them will go out, and it becomes much easier from there.

Centipede – Not really any good advice for this. Make sure you understand the movements, and make sure you focus on spiders and such, because the centipedes are fairly easy to avoid, and spiders are worth a lot more. Shoot at the centipedes when they are far away, and remember that firing depends on if you already have a laser travelling out. You will fire faster if you hit a closer target.

SirVexBruzer writes:

Avoid dropping fleas, they screw you alot so if you cant hit em high avoid em. You don't want mushrooms close to the bottom of the screen. So shoot them often, clearing your space visually so the centipede dosn't bounce of them and get you quicker. The spider gets rid of mushrooms but he's a pain so I kill him when convenient. The mushrooms is my best tip.

Crystal Castles – The only exploit I know of is on the very first level. If you run all the way around to the back corner and jump, you will get 150,000 points, which will take care of the Gold points medal. For the survivor medal, hang out on the first stage until the three blobs come around front, then run to the back where the points exploit is, but DON'T JUMP YET. Wait for the honey bees to spawn 5 times, after that they will come down after you. Then run around the outside avoiding the honey bees until they become too fast to avoid, and you die. Repeat until on your final life. When the bees come down for the 5th time on your final life, then jump and grab the points exploit. This will get you full lives again.

Finalizer – The biggest emphasis in this is on the capsules that spawn that can be shot, and will display a powerup, B, S, or F, and back to the powerup every time shot. To get the Points medal, you're going to want to shoot this to F and pick it up. F allows you a period of invulnerability where you can run into enemies for big points. If you do this two or three times in groups of large enemies you should easily get the gold Points. Survivalist is a bit more difficult. I focused on getting the powerup from the capsules every time, each time increasingly upgrading my ship. By using the right powerups, it still took some time, but I was able to last for 4:39. I balanced the powerups with "T" and managed to last long enough.

Gravitar – This maybe easy even if you actually play the levels, I don’t know. On the first screen(where you can choose what planet to go to) there is a sun you can orbit around. I hit a perfect orbit that allowed me to circle the sun infinitely, and just focus on shooting the ships that attack you. It takes a while(I did it in 17 minutes), but it’s a simple way to get both the Golds in Point Buster and Survivalist.

Jungler – I didn’t find this one difficult at all. I would hang around the places where the other “worms” can get stuck, and then shoot their tails to their head, and repeat the process, occasionally taking potshots at other worms along the way. Never take chances though(and this should go for any game). Intentionally searching out worms can sometimes sidetrack you and lead you into traps. Also, remember that worms that are yellow or green can be run into head on and killed.

Lunar Lander – I got the Gold Survivalist the first time I played, and I wasn’t trying. The best advice I have is to be careful. First time landers may realize it takes more thrust to slow down your fall than you thought. 750 is what is needed. This is fairly simple. Find what landing zone you want to land on, and hit B to level out while over it. When yous tart to drift down close, thrust up and balance out and carefully land. I hit 1200 points or so, and I still had 400 fuel left.

Megamania - There isn't much advice to give on this one. The only tip I have is to point out that items getting to the bottom of the screen will NOT necessarily kill you. Focus on the items that are in the middle of the screen in the sections that have sets of 3 coming at you.

Millipede – Similar to Centipede, except less detailed graphically and a little easier, IMO. Make sure you focus on spiders and such, because the millipedes are fairly easy to avoid, and spiders are worth a lot more. Shoot at the millipedes when they are far away, and remember that firing depends on if you already have a laser travelling out. You will fire faster if you hit a closer target. There are certain key moments in the game to keep an eye out for. The bats(birds? I don't know) will on occasion bombard the screen in groups of 20 or so. This is where you can rack up major points. The first group will only give 200, 300 and up, but the second group will give 600, 700 and up to 1000 for each one. If you survive long enough, the third group, which are birds, will give about 600 each too, which is where I got the Gold Points, and received the Gold Survivalist after surviving for a little while after that third bird attack.

Night Stalker - As long as you intentionally avoid stuff, the Survivalist gold is a cinch. If you really need help, I hear that you can hide in the bunker; however, I was killed in the bunker somehow, so I can't confirm. The key to scoring points is predicting the enemies movements and firing BEFORE they come around corners. You can spawn kill the enemy that spawns in the bottom left until the shielded robot shows up. There is an "exploit" of sorts. At the beginning, ignore the skeleton, take note of the two bat spawns, and grab the gun. Kill one of the bats, then spawn kill it repeatedly. Eventually, you'll need to concentrate on on the skeleton/robot spawn. But try to keep the bats alive as long as possible once you focus on the skeleton. Skeletons eventually spawn once the bats are killed off, so you want to avoid the bats. You also seem to get an extra life every 10000 points.

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Pitfall - Getting the Gold Points is pretty easy. Around the 52nd "window" I hit 23,000 from the treasure. There are maps out there if you need them, and plenty of videos. The only thing to note is to take your time at the beginning of each window. Make sure you time any traps, and then make your way through. Take points hits if you need to, the small loss of points is nothing compared to getting through. The Survivalist can be done right where you start. Just climb down the ladder and keep pressing left/right between windows. When time runs out, you get the Gold. Just watch for the scorpion to the left down below. Or get it the hard way, and try to make it through the game surviving 20 minutes. :)

Rack Em Up! - The hardest part to this game is figuring out the angles. I believe the points total depends on getting all the balls sunk within the fewest shots. Finishing a rack on the last ball was netting me around 50 points, whereas a Gold is 75. The key to scoring high is to note that you get 3 balls with 3 shots each. Each shot you don't sink a ball will take one of. Miss three times and you lose a ball. Sink a ball and the shot number resets. A foul will remove a ball, I believe. As far as I know, there is no quick fix. Learn angles and what English to put on the ball where and when, and finally where the next ball is to set yourself up. The best advice for Time Spender is to take your time on each shot through a rack. Don't take too long, because you'll foul, but time it once or twice so you get a feel for how long you have.

Red Baron – This one can be difficult at first. My advice is to line up the crosshairs with the “spawn height” that all the planes and blimps will spawn, and keep firing. For the first two minutes, you should have no problem avoiding getting shot. After that, you start getting bombarded with shells. There isn’t much to say except to learn how to keep moving, and head towards empty areas when you get the chance, to avoid ground tanks.

Road Fighter – I think the key to this one is just knowing the courses. I’m working my way through this one right now, and all the “fuel cars” seem to spawn in the same area. If you can keep a consistent speed and pass 4 or 5 cars a section, you should have no problem reaching the Survivalist and Points Medals. I will update this one though as I get further in it.

Scramble – I despise this and Super Cobra. The two aren’t very different either. I found Super Cobra to be easier. To be perfectly honest, I’ve had more success in the two games by just spamming Rockets and Laser repeatedly than I did actually trying. Again, it’s a matter of knowing the levels and keeping an eye on fuel.

Shaolin’s Road – Once you get the hang of this, the Points and Survival medals are fairly simple. Always use the jump kick to defeat people, as you get 500 points instead of 200. When there is one enemy left, run around the level avoiding him until you get a “Hurry Up” warning. After two levels, enemies will get a new “ability”. At level 3, they start doing jump kicks. At level 5, they gain throwing knives. At level 7, they do a lower flying kick(level 7 is where I usually die). The bosses aren’t too difficult if you keep your distance initially and time jump kicks correctly. But 4 hours for the Gold Time Spender is just mean.

Space Armada – When I first played this, I never believed I would get the bronzes, let alone gold. I now have Gold in all the medals. After checking the controls, I found that I could press RB to fire, instead of some weird combination of A and X I had been using. I also read a tip to take out the sides first instead of the bottom row. Start each level attacking the right side….when they advance, fire while moving to the left side and shoot the left side. If the bottom row starts getting too close, you can take them out too, but primary objective should be the sides, because it will take longer for them to advance down. Even with these tips though, Gold in Points and Survival can be close. Later levels have invisible enemies. You can tell where they are though by the columns. Just try to remember which invisible spots are still enemies and which you killed.

Space Hawk – Another game with a similar “exploit” to gravitar. If you can use your jetpack precisely enough, you can get yourself moving at the same pace as the white spider(?), making it easy to survive for the Gold. The points gold isn’t too difficult either. Similar to Astrosmash, if you play it safe early, you can amass a ton of extra lives.

Super Breakout - The paddle controlling does not lend itself well to the joystick. After fiddling with it for half an hour, it seems that you can change modes at the beginning of the ranked match. Pressing Y gives yourself two paddles and two balls. Just focus on the first ball. The biggest key to scoring 200 points for gold is getting the ball up top. If you can get it to bounce around up top, you'll either have the gold or be really close. The downside to this is that your paddles become really small, so if you get it up top and it doesn't stay there long, you're in trouble. The Survival medal is easy if you exploit it. The ball's will not launch if you don't press A. So just keep moving the paddle back and forth for whatever the Gold requires and you can easily get it. Update: The points are like this in two-paddle; 1 point for each block in the first two rows, and 3 points for each block in the next two rows. I assume it goes 5 and 7 beyond that, but I have yet to get that far in ranked.

Super Cobra - I despise this and Scramble. The two aren’t very different either. I found Super Cobra to be easier, but it has a lower Gold Points requirement. To be perfectly honest, I’ve had more success in the two games by just spamming Rockets and Laser repeatedly than I did actually trying. Again, it’s a matter of knowing the levels and keeping an eye on fuel. You will probably only need to get through the first 4 or 5 “sections” to get a Gold Survivalist Medal, and I personally am very close to a Gold Points medal on Scramble, and have it on Super Cobra.

Tempest – A tip for the Gold Medal in Points(which I can’t take credit for as I’ve seen it in multiple places) is to play the 32000 point level. Completing the first stage will get you the Gold Points medal, and it isn’t difficult. If things get to close though, use X to eliminate everything. The Survivalist is a bit harder. I’ve gotten a silver by starting at the first level, but I don’t know of any “easy” way to get this. A little tip is to let the timer run out when you are selecting your level at the beginning, because that will add a few seconds.

Tutankham – This one can be difficult. Later stages sometimes spawn so many enemies that it is impossible to get through, unless I am missing some crucial aspect, because you can’t shoot up or down. The only trump card you have is a magic lamp that will eliminate all of the enemies on the screen at once. I recommend saving this on your first life toward the end of the level above the door. Sometimes those “flying peanut things” can spawn there and easily catch you. If you don’t have to use it though, don’t. It’ll come in handy on the next level. The second level requires you to backtrack, and one section of it can absolutely destroy you if you aren’t careful. Take your time, picking off enemies, until there is a lull in spawning, then run in, grab what you need, and leave. It’s important to know the levels here and make use of the teleportation devices. I do have Golds in both Points and Survivalist, and I didn’t make it past the fourth level.

Yar’s Revenge – This might be the easiest one to triple gold in the game. At the beginning of each level, wait on the left side until the “homing laser” gets to you, then quickly fly to the Red “Shield”(? Honestly, I don’t know the exact story, lol) and spam your pellets, watching for the laser beam and watch for the color of whatever it is that is shielded. It will change colors based on when it will attack. When it is ready to attack, fly to the far left side and just press and hold up or down. 9 out of 10 times it will miss you. Then repeat the process. It’s also important to note two things: To kill the shielded thing, you need to get close to it, which will spawn a large laser(?) on the left side of the screen you need to fire to kill it. This laser can also kill YOU, so watch out for it. Secondly, the “homing laser” can’t hit you in the white noise area, but you can’t shoot either, and it doesn’t protect you from the enemy’s spinning attack.

Here’s a rough guide for them. Hope it helps someone, and feel free to add comments s to how it can be improved.

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Wow It's a shame no one else thanked you for this. This covers tips on all of them. Props, man. This is going to be really useful!

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Some neat tricks in here.

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That is frustrating about Tutankham. I managed to get good enough at the game to just cleanly get the golds in score and survival. If I knew about the magic lamp I would have saved tons of time. Doesn't matter though I suppose. Once I was done with those medals I still only had a silver in time spender.

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While I've already got gold for Crystal Castles points medal, that 150k trick will be nice to know if I decide to boost the online wins with this game.

I didn't even know you could jump in that game.

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This GR Guide is awesome.

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Avoid dropping fleas, they screw you alot so if you cant hit em high avoid em. You don't want mushrooms close to the bottom of the screen. So shoot them often, clearing your space visually so the centipede dosn't bounce of them and get you quicker. The spider gets rid of mushrooms but he's a pain so I kill him when convenient. The mushrooms is my best tip.
I play well/better when I set it down for a bit and come back.

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I do have to say, if they do manage to keep releasing 7 titles a week(or in a semi-regular fashion) I'm not going to be able to purchase every game. This is going to have to turn into a community thing. :)

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On Breakout 1978 and Circus atari. Buy a single play session and keep moving the stick back and forth while you watcha show. 40msp and you can get time spender and survivalist medals. Make sure you launch a charater or ball once inna while and go for ponit buster but this is mainly to get those time bassed medals. I got kicked even though i still had lives. So keep moving your stick. (Thats what she said) Even if you hafta buy a second session its cheaper than goin and buying a game. This seemed to work for pinball as well but not sure.