View Full Version : Switching songs?

I xp I shELmo
03-27-2007, 07:08 AM
Now I may be doing something entirely wrong..

I keep throwing my opponent miles away and start trying to swtich songs, i hold left trigger, and rotate the left analogue stick twice and it seems to start, but then according to other posts and the manual all i need to do is rotate the right analogue stick i can never does this, i've tired each n every way..

if any1 has any tips that wud be awesome.. thanks very much..

Shawn Lesane
03-27-2007, 12:28 PM

Left Trigger + Left Analog Stick ( 2 x 360 ) after that a sound appears , like you rape a vinyl with a needle. Something like *SCRAAAAATCHKLJKLJKLJL*. You will know what i mean. After that Left Trigger + Right Analog Stick ( 2 x 360 ).

You can hold the Left Trigger all the time.

Do it clean and fast .. it will work , trust me ^^

I xp I shELmo
03-28-2007, 12:44 PM
ok, im sure ive been tyring that will try it again once i get home from work,

when i've been doing it, i can do the first part, then when he switches to other hand i keep left trigger held and rotate the right stick.. and his hands just sticks there and then eventually i get my ass kicked trying to do it..

lol i must sound like a retard.. now i know how them people felt wen i was taking the mick wen they asked how to throw punches in Fight Night..

oh the irony.. .