View Full Version : Question about Sherlock and Enlightened Achievements

04-14-2010, 10:09 PM
Hello guys. I'm already going step by step through two guides. First one wrotten by Fizzmatix ( Sherlock Military Grade Ammo Locations) and second one wrotten by lilysintrigue (Enlightened Achievement) I want to get these two achievements in one playthrough.

I've stuck in Riga Station exactly before talking with Bourbon.

Fizzmatix has wrotten in point 15: 'Sit down and talk to Bourbon, he will tell you about an exit and offer you some bullets. Say you are ready and collect the bullets from the table.


lilysintrigue has wrotten: '+ Do not accept Bourban's payment of bullet's for accompanying him.'

I've got pretty easy question. Does first achievement (accept bullets) affect second one (not accept) exactly in this point? What should I do? Take or not bullets from Bourbon?

Thx for help :drunk