View Full Version : Chaos Theory Vs. Conviction (Co-operative Mode)

The Lovat Scout
04-16-2010, 03:10 PM
Compared to Chaos Theory, this shouldn't even be considered co-op. Unless you are constantly Marking & Executing one another marks simultaneously, you may not even realize you have a partner at all. I seriously thought I was playing solo until I came to a double breach door and then looked behind me at my partner. And yeah, I'll compare this to Chaos Theory because that should be considered a step down from this. But no, there are so many more co-operative actions in CT over this (rappelling, using each other for reaching higher places, etc.). It just seemed like you really had to rely on your partner much more if you wanted to come out successful with the mission. Now you could DEFINITELY go through the whole thing without him until you came to a scripted co-op action.

I didn't try to bash Convictions co-op, and if thats what you're getting out of this, then you're missing the point. Point is, the co-op was good could have passed with a different name for the game mode, liiiiike maybe "Campaign Prologue (with a sporadic random spy)

04-16-2010, 03:55 PM
The same could be said about Chaos Theory. For example, I could get to a certain point by myself but then reach a ledge that I can''t jump up, I need my friend. That follows the same principle as your argument about the breach doors. I also think the reason a lot of the co-op actions were removed is because it is hard to implement those elements into the design of the level without it looking silly. Me and my friend laughed at some of the random, unnecessary holes in the floor that led to a keypad used to open a door in CT. They just wouldn't have fit into Conviction. I think it was a design choice more than anything. But to be honest, I'm just thankful that they added a co-op story into Conviction. Good stuff!