View Full Version : Your Mass Effect Movie Cast Whishlist!!

Krimson Spawn
04-17-2010, 12:37 AM
Since there is a rumored movie in the pipeline who would you the fans want to play those important roles.

Shepard- Christian Bale
Garrus- Hugo Weaving
Wrex- Michael Clarke Duncan or Michael Dorn
Tali- Natalie Portman or Kristen Stewart
Liara- Ali Larter or Kristin Kreuk
Miranda - Kim Kardashian (ftw)
Jacob- Michael Jai White
Joker- Seth Green
Anderson-Keith David
Ashley Williams- Michelle Rodriguez
Kaiden- Topher Grace or Callum Blue
Illusive Man- Martin Sheen

Above are the important squad members amd below are secondary squad members and bad guys lol

Subject Zero/Jack- Mila Jovovich
Saren- Ron Perlman

Cant decide the rest but voice your opinions in this thread.

Thane- Adrian Brody
Kasumi- Rosario Dawson or Michelle Yeoh
Zaed- Micky Rourke
Legion- Voiced By Lawrence Fishbourne
Mordin- Tough Choice