View Full Version : Hello from the South Coast, UK

04-18-2010, 08:14 PM
Hello guys, GT is ALIENWAR3,

Currently hammering my stressful way through Fifa10, having trouble with the ton up as it has not yet popped and is VERY stressful, any tips very welcome, i have done a good 140 or so, using 2 xbox's on custom ranked match and been re-matching, so i know i've played the whole 90 mins with my dad. i am 18, male, from the finest, United Kingdom, England. South Coast. on the box daily. the original xbox forum i find too many people moan about silly things. so here i am ;) hoping this will be a better communtiy.

Also in regards to Fifa10 i have tried the glitch which someone on this forum posted and the game did not freeze after 10 attempts.