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04-21-2010, 03:28 PM
It's taken me a few years, but finances and circumstances finally fell into place to land me an Xbox 360, and just in time to play Final Fantasy XIII! Some friends of mine say I should have gone with the PS3, but that was not part of the finances and circumstances I mentioned earlier. Whatever, I get to play my favorite game series.

I've sort of gotten hooked on the achievements though. I'm having to fight the urge to play for achievements and not just to enjoy the game. But right now I'm in the middle of Assassin's Creed and I'm really tempted to go for 1000/1000. According to this site, it's not even that hard.

Anyway, hello to everyone. Looking forward to catching up on 5 years of gaming.

Nozza XBA
04-21-2010, 03:34 PM
Welcome and good chioce on the console ;)

FFXII is a great game! Have fun with it! AC isnt to hard (if your talking about 1) but theres hose dame flags which I didnt go for but AC2 is better and an easier 1k.

Your feelings for achievements will only get stronger and before you know yuo'll be a Whore lol

04-21-2010, 04:35 PM
Whatever anyone says, Avatar doesn't count!!

Anyway welcome to the forum!

04-21-2010, 11:08 PM

I'm sure you will enjoy your experience here and on the Xbox 360. I too am a fan of the FF series. Good luck and have fun.

04-21-2010, 11:46 PM
Welcome, and no matter what is said below Avatar counts, but it also and a sense of shame to your gamerscore (trust me I have it, even if it was for a joke)

Whatever anyone says, Avatar doesn't count!!

Anyway welcome to the forum!