View Full Version : To those who think turbo controllers for SP achieves is cheating

04-27-2010, 10:46 AM
Turbo in mulitplayer = cheating, yes. I agree with you there but that's where our agreement ends. Turbo in single player to grind out stupid arsed achievements that only require mashing the same button repeatedly for 10+ hours does not in any shape or form constitute cheating.

As for accusing me of wanting a turbo controller to cheat in Call of Duty.... what kind of crack are you smoking? In case you hadn't noticed by looking at my profile and checking the leaderboards in those games, I DON'T PLAY multiplayer in the Call of Duty games. In fact, I rarely play multiplayer in any game, period. When I do it's usually to finish off the MP achievements then I never touch the MP again. The only MP I played with any consistency was Halo 3 back when I enjoyed it. Not only that, the mad catz one doesn't even have joysticks as far as I can tell. How exactly would that be used to cheat in shooters that require them?

Furthermore, x360a is a site about attaining achievements, usually the quickest way possible (eg a turbo controller for a single player game, dolt). So why are you cretons even on this site throwing insults around? If you're not here to contribute to the achievement hunting community, then shut your pie holes and get off the site.

04-27-2010, 11:13 AM
Why did you make another thread about this? Couldn't you have just put this inside your old one.

Genesis x360a
04-27-2010, 11:29 AM
Why did you make another thread about this? Couldn't you have just put this inside your old one.

His old one got locked because some other forum member was acting like a total moron and thought he was right in everything he said.


There was really no need to make this thread though, its going to cause flaming on yourself again from certain members like last time. Fuck what other people think dude just take it with a pinch of salt and move on :)

04-27-2010, 11:46 AM
If Microsoft didn't want people to use turbo controllers for whatever reason, they wouldn't allow other companies to make them.

Discussion over.