View Full Version : Channel 4 - Heston's Feasts.

Agent Aero
04-27-2010, 08:34 PM
It's on TV right now and i'm sitting down with a few friends and we all have different opinions on it. However, we are all in awe of his technique and style.

So i thought i'd see what the x360a community has to say about it. Me personally, i think he should give a little more credit to the people who work behind the scenes. It's not as if he comes up with all the ideas/cooking techniques himself, he should at least give his team some air time. Don't get me wrong i do like the programme but it is a bit central on him...

With that aside, i'm also interested to know what your favourite dish of his was, whether it be the cooking style, the way it was presented or just simply for the idea behind it.

For me it would have to be 100% edible fairytale house he created a few weeks ago.

For all you skim readers, what i want to know is:
1. Your opinion on the show/idea of the show/Heston Blumenthal
2. Your favourite dish he has created and why.

Also, this show is aired on channel 4 (UK) and after reading another thread about channel 4 not being available in other countries, i somehow feel ignorant for posting this question. But even if you haven't seen the show before you should be able to find snippets of it online.

04-29-2010, 02:02 PM
heston blumenthal is a bald twat with a stupid grin, who cant cook, and ppl prefer the little chef breakfasts to his food

theres one thing I have to say to him

YouTube- Hot Fuzz - Simon Pegg - Jog on!

you heard FUCK OFF!