View Full Version : Worrisome Round of 16 Advancement Glitch (potentially game-breaking)

04-30-2010, 04:41 AM
Hey guys, I noticed, after failing to qualify for the worldcup and selecting to "sim the remainder of the tournament", when you look at the group stage and who moved on to the round of sixteen, it seems that in some cases, one of the top two teams wasn't actually put forward, but instead, the 3rd team is somehow advanced to the round of 16 despite failing to qualify.

In one instance, Cameroon won their division handidly, and yet, were NOT advanced to the round of 16 by some bizzarre and utterly crazy glitch. Mind you, I only was able to play 1 qualifier where I was asked to sim to the end, and this was only tested during that simming, but I wonder if anyone has also encountered this glitch either whilst simming after failing to qualify or if it has actually happened whilst a player was in the world cup, and the group stage.

Obviously, this is a fairly big issue if it's persistant, or occurs randomly... It'd break the whole world cup, actually.