View Full Version : How on earth do u get the Classic Iron Man Armor.

The Dauntless
05-02-2010, 06:59 PM
Just to be clear, I have the Classic Mark I armor but not the classic armor.

I have completed all levels on formidable with both iron man and war machine (which BTW took like 5 hours) and i still dont have it.

Can anyone help?


EDIT: Ok I got it on Mission 6: "War Machine". This is the level I couldnt get past on Formidable my first time so I switched down to Easy to finish the game and came back with the upgrades. Apparently you have to do "well" on a level to unlock the armor so once I replayed it on Easy with the upgrades I unlocked it and 1k'ed this game in a day. Yay/Boo???