View Full Version : Glitched Achievements

Gold Rush NL
05-02-2010, 08:10 PM
I think I've a problem. I've got every achievement exept:

- Collect all outfits
- Collect all emblems

So I checked every outfit and emblem via the internet. I considered that I've all outfits/emblems.

I saw on the internet the achievement could be unlocked after beating level 9 again. So I rushed through the last level again, still nothing happenend.

Does anyone know how to get those last two achievements? I REALY hope they aren't fully glitched.

I am hoping for a helpfull response.


Edit: I tried level 9 again. Still nothing. This is really **** I think I've to do EVERYTHING again! :(

Oh and yes I've got the update!

EDIT: Wooh yeah Finally got it! 1000/1000. I did mission select to go to the last level. Don't do that! The scores will only be updated when you go further with the last mission.