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05-04-2010, 06:38 PM
This game is great for weapons, in my opinion. Sure, it's be awesome if there were more diversity. However, what we have are some cool ass weapons. Better yet, they change in appearance as they get stronger. I'd say that's my favorite part about them. As for my favorites, I like...

Warning: If you don't know all of the weapon types or don't wanna know anything about any weapons you haven't acquired, turn back now!


It's a badass looking sword. I can just picture placing it around someones neck and pulling with all my might. Plus it's gets more badass as it evolves.
Earth Wyrm's Claw
This thing looks like it belongs in the Desert it came from. Though I haven't been able to upgrade it yet, I'm sure things can only get better for this beautiful blade.
Phoenix Dagger
All of the game's weapons are designed very well. The Phoenix set sticks out more than any other weapons. Of that set I'd have to say the Dagger is the coolest. I've never seen a blade in this shape and the chain attached to the hilt adds a sweet touch


Fang of the Twins
This is a very simple weapon from the get go. It looks more like a spear, but it moves just like the two-handed sword it is. I have yet to see it's transformation, however I have high hopes of what it'll look like and be like at level 4.
Vile Axe
One of only two axes in the game, this baby's unique. It looks like it was torn straight outta a fire-fighter from a Dali painting's hands. Once again, I haven't seen level 4, but I'm sure anticipating it. It's name makes me think of poison, so I added the poison status ailment to make it cooler. lulz.


Spears are one of my favorite weapon types, period. Sunrise is my absolute favorite weapon in the game. It's the coolest looking spear since the Spear of Destiny from GOWII. It looks like it's just dying to be spun in circles around your body, creating a vicious whirlwind.
Captain's Holy Spear
This thing looks a lot like a trident. Scientific fact tells us that tridents pwn, so naturally this thing is badass. At level 4, it's as deadly and beautiful as you can imagine. Almost 700 attack power is nothing to laugh about.

* = I realize not all of these are claymores. I just don't like calling them two-handed swords :p

05-04-2010, 07:58 PM
phoenix spear is the best, it upgrades for like 750 damage and is still light enough to do some fast combos :)

10-25-2010, 09:17 PM
My favorite is the pendulum blade (beast lord i think)