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05-05-2010, 12:12 AM
:start: Challenge: Collect all ultimate headwear (total: 6 ultimate helms)
:start: Award: The Milliner - It´s important to protect your head - you only get one!

Band of the Wise - forged form 2x Epic Circlet
Helm of Darkness - forged from 2x Epic Hunter´s Helm
Helm of Pain - forged from 2x Epic Spiked Helm
Legion Helm - forged from 2x Epic Imperial Helm
Lionshead - forged from 2x Epic Beast Helm
Skullhelm - forged from 2x Epic Totemic Helm

:start: Challenge: Collect all ultimate armor (total: 6 ultimate armor)
:start: Award: The Armorer - Now you can show off your abs with some awesome-looking body armor.

Ban of Set´Al - forged from 2x Epic Plate Armor
Chains of K´Lune - forged from 2x Epic Chain Armor
Fist of K´Thun - forged from 2x Epic Studded Armor
Hide of K´Ogar - forged from 2x Epic Tribal Armor
Scales of Z´Ora - forged from 2x Epic Scale Armor
Spine of L´Hal - forged from 2x Epic Spiked Armor

:start: Challenge: Collect all ultimate belts (total: 8 ultimate belts)
:start: Award: The Guy who Makes Belts - Your pants will never fall down again.

Celadon - forged from 2x Epic Jade Belt
Giant´s Belt - forged from 2x Epic Ogryn Belt
Glimmer - forged from 2x Epic Belt of Knowledge
Indigo - forged from 2x Epic Azure Belt
Justice - forged from 2x Epic Belt of Law
Monolith - forged from 2x Epic Belt of Might
Verity - forged from 2x Epic Belt of Truth
Zephyr - forged from 2x Epic Belt of Speed

:start: Challenge: Collect all ultimate boots (total: 8 ultimate boots)
:start: Award: The Bootmaker - These boots were made for stalking...

Boots of Flame - forged from 2x Epic Hob Boots
Daemonskins - forged from 2x Epic Nether Boots
Duneskins - forged from 2x Epic Desert Boots
Goldskins - forged from 2x Epic Miner Boots
Ironskins - forged from 2x Epic Imperial Boots
Plagueskins - forged from 2x Epic Marsh Boots
Snakeskins - forged from 2x Epic Jungle oots
Stoneskins - forged from 2x Epic Rock Boots

:start: Challenge: Collect all ultimate weapons (total: 12 ultimate weapons)
:start: Award: The Weaponsmith - One katana, two katana, three katana, four...

Bloodthief - forged from 2x Epic Spear
Bonecruncher - forged from 2x Epic Morning Star
Dark Angel - forged from 2x Epic Great Axe
Dragonlord - forged from 2x Epic War Pike
Gargoyle - forged from 2x Epic Mace
Hand of God - forged from 2x Epic Warhammer
Kraken - forged from 2x Epic Trident
Phoenix - forged from 2x Epic Broadsword
Ryno - forged from 2x Epic Kuttai
Scavenger - forged from 2x Epic Khopesh
Slayer - forged from 2x Epic Greatsword
Vyper - forged from 2x Epic Falchion

:start: Challenge: Collect all ultimate shields (total: 6 ultimate shields)
:start: Award: The Shieldsmith - Shields at 100%, Captain!

Dragonshield - forged from 2x Epic Scale Shield
Dreamcatcher - forged from 2x Epic Buckler
Griffin - forged from 2x Epic War Shield
Tiger´s Claw - forged from 2x Epic Spiked Shield
Tower - forged from 2x Epic Great Shield
Widow - forged from 2x Epic Kite Shield

:start: Challenge: Collect all ultimate rings (total: 12 ultimate rings)
:start: Award: The Jeweller - Jewels are like corn chips. You just can´t stop at one... or two... or three...

Daemonist - forged from 2x Epic Chaos Ring
Delver - forged from 2x Epic Deep Ring
Earthwalker - forged from 2x Epic Ring of Earth
Flammifer - forged from 2x Epic Ring of Fire
Lightbringer - forged from 2x Epic Ring of Light
Magister - forged from 2x Epic Aura Ring
Nomad - forged from 2x Epic Desert Ring
Paingiver - forged from 2x Epic Ring of Pain
Purist - forged from 2x Epic Life Ring
Serpentine - forged from 2x Epic Swamp Ring
Skulltaker - forged from 2x Epic Thieves´ Ring
Waterbearer - forged from 2x Epic Ring of Water

:start: Challenge: Collect all ultimate charms (total: 14 ultimate charms)
:start: Award: The Charmer - Nobody has more charm than you. You smoothie, you.

Corruptor - forged from 2x Epic Snake harp
Dervish - forged from 2x Epic Chaos Skull
Devourer - forged from 2x Epic Amulet of Fury
Dominator - forged from 2x Epic Imperial Harp
Eruptor - forged from 2x Epic Khazrimi Harp
King´s Coin - forged from 2x Epic Platinum Coin
Life Giver - forged from 2x Epic Healing Rune
Lifetaker - forged from 2x Epic War Rune
Mediator - forged from 2x Epic Peace Rune
Missran Fang - forged from 2x Epic Serpent Tooth
Protector - forged from 2x Epic Ashurin Harp
Slavemaster - forged from 2x Epic Manacles
Stormbringer - forged from 2x Epic Wind Harp
Trebloon - forged from 2x Epic Lucky Coin

:start: Challenge: Collect all ultimate items (total: 72 ultimate items)
:start: Award: Junk Roadshow - Really got to have them all. :cool:

Eddy Kemp
05-06-2010, 06:19 PM
I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread. I glanced at the "Awards" list last night to see what would be involved and it is daunting, to say the least.

05-06-2010, 10:28 PM
unless there are some ultimate items you unlock during battles, here is the full list:

epic manacles>>>>>> slavemaster

epic ring of light >> lightbringer
epic chaos ring >> daemonist
epic life ring >> purist
epic swamp ring >> serpentine
epic aura ring >> magister
epic ring of earth >> earthwalker
epic deep ring >> delver
epic ring of fire >> flammifer
epic ring of water >> waterbearer
epic desert ring >> nomad
epic ring of pain >> paingiver
epic thieves' ring >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> skulltaker

epic nether boots >> daemonskins
epic imperial boots >> ironskins
epic jungle boots >> snakeskins
epic rock boots >> stoneskins
epic miner's boots >> goldskins
epic hob boots >> boots of flame
epic desert boots >> duneskins
epic marsh boots >> plagueskins

epic peace rune >> mediator
epic amulet of fury >> devourer
epic healing rune >> life giver
epic war rune >> lifetaker

epic spiked armor >> spine of l'hal
epic scale armor >> scales of z'ora
epic plate armor >> ban of set'al
epic scale shield >> dragonshield
epic studded armor >> fist of k'thun
epic chain armor >> chains of k'lune
epic tribal armor >> hide of k'ogar

epic totemic helm >> skullhelm
epic spiked helm >> helm of pain
epic imperial helm >> legion helm
epic circlet >> band of the wise
epic hunter's helm >> helm of darkness
epic beast helm>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lionshead

epic snake harp >> corruptor
epic ashurin harp >> protector
epic khazrimi harp >> eruptor
epic imperial harp >> dominator
epic wind harp >> stormbringer

epic kuttai >> ryno
epic khopesh >> scavenger
epic war pike >> dragonlord
epic mace >> gargoyle
epic morning star >> bonecruncher
epic spear >> bloodthief
epic warhammer >> hand of god
epic greatsword >> slayer
epic great axe >> dark angel
epic trident >> kraken
epic broadsword >>>>>>>>>>>>> phoenix

epic spiked shield >> tiger's claw
epic great shield >> tower
epic war shield >> griffin
epic kite shield >> widow
epic scale shield >> dragonshield
epic buckler >> dreamcatcher

epic serpent tooth >> missran fang
epic chaos skull >> dervish

epic platinum coin >> king's coin
epic lucky coin >> trebloon
epic falchion >> vyper

epic belt of might >> monolith
epic belt of truth >> verity
epic belt of knowledge >> glimmer
epic belt of speed >> zehyr
epic belt of law >> justice
epic ogryn belt >> giant's belt
epic jade belt >> celadon
epic azure belt >>>>>>>>>>>>>> indigo

i cannot sort these into the categories because i have no patience for it and i have started pawning off my equipment so i can pay to play the minigame to upgrade my characters stats to level 75. only two more awards to go. hooray.

05-06-2010, 11:03 PM
Full list, sorted by category.

Epic Totemic Helm---------------Skullheim
Epic Circlet--------------------Band of the Wise
Epic Beast Helm-----------------Lionshead
Epic Spiked Helm----------------Helm of Pain
Epic Imperial Helm--------------Legion Helm
Epic Hunter's Helm--------------Helm of Darkness

Epic Scale Armor----------------Scales of Z'Ora
Epic Tribal Armor---------------Hide of K'Ogar
Epic Studed Armor---------------Fist of K'Thun
Epic Spiked Armor---------------Spine of L'Hal
Epic Chain Armor----------------Chains of K'Lune
Epic Plate Armor----------------Ban of Set'Al

Epic Rock Boots-----------------Stoneskins
Epic Marsh Boots----------------Plagueskins
Epic Nether Boots---------------Daemonskins
Epic Miner Boots----------------Goldskins
Epic Imperial Boots-------------Ironskins
Epic Jungle Boots---------------Snakeskins
Epir Desert Boots---------------Duneskins
Epic Hob Boots------------------Boots of Flame

Epic Belt of Might--------------Monolith
Epic Belt of Knowledge----------Glimmer
Epic Belt of Truth--------------Verity
Epic Belt of Speed--------------Zephyr
Epic Belt of Law----------------Justice
Epic Azure Belt-----------------Indigo
Epic Ogryn Belt-----------------Giant's Belt
Epic Jade Belt------------------Celadon

Epic Mace-----------------------Gargoyle
Epic Broadsword-----------------Phoenix
Epic Warhammer------------------Hand of God
Epic Falchion-------------------Vyper
Epic Trident--------------------Kraken
Epic Khopesh--------------------Scavenger
Epic Kuttai---------------------Ryno
Epic Spear----------------------Bloodthief
Epic Morning Star---------------Bonecruncher
Epic Greatsword-----------------Slayer
Epic War Pike-------------------Dragonlord

(Shields) - Complete
Epic Spiked Shield--------------Tiger's Claw
Epic Great Shield---------------Tower
Epic Buckler--------------------Dreamcatcher
Epic War Shield-----------------Griffin
Epic Kite Shield----------------Widow
Epic Scale Shield---------------Dragonshield

Epic Ring of Water--------------Waterbearer
Epic Life Ring------------------Purist
Epic Ring of Light--------------Lightbringer
Epic Swamp Ring-----------------Serpentine
Epic Chaos Ring-----------------Daemonist
Epic Aura Ring------------------Magister
Epic Deep Ring------------------Delver
Epic Thieves' Ring--------------Skulltaker
Epic Ring of Earth--------------Earthwalker
Epic Ring of Fire---------------Flammifer
Epic Desert Ring----------------Nomad
Epic Ring of Pain---------------Paingiver

Epic Amulet of Fury-------------Devourer
Epic Peace Rune-----------------Mediator
Epic Platinum Coin--------------King's Coin
Epic Ashurin Harp---------------Protector
Epic Manacles-------------------Slavemaster
Epic War Rune-------------------Lifetaker
Epic Imperial Harp--------------Dominator
Epic Healing Rune---------------Life Giver
Epic Snake Harp-----------------Corruptor
Epic Serpent Tooth--------------Missran Fang
Epic Wind Harp------------------Stormbringer
Epic Khazrimi Harp--------------Eruptor
Epic Chaos Skull----------------Dervish
Epic Lucky Coin-----------------Trebloon

05-07-2010, 12:15 PM
I´m writing this guide in friendly well sorted form by challenges how they are sorted in Awards list and after Im sorting needed items alphabeticcaly.

This guide will be perfect, so gimme some days than I get all items in game myself. Thanks.

05-07-2010, 01:30 PM
to Graf1c: Good work mate. :bow:

05-07-2010, 05:08 PM
Awesome list man. thx. It's a lot easier when you have something next to you where you can just cross out the ones you done already. I'll get working on the list and then the tedious 75 stat one.

It's a pain though that they kinda mess up a good game like this by making people do so many repetetive things to get a full 100% achievements. So many games do that.

05-17-2010, 10:01 AM
Finally I can add this game to my 100% completed list. Took me ages to get all the items and stats up. I used the list from Graf1k. Cheers for that. There is 1 item missing though. In weapons category there is also the 2xGreat Axes that forge into the Dark Angel. Good luck to everyone trying to get all achievements. Be prepared to invest a lot of time.