View Full Version : Help - I can't play any games in my arcade...

05-05-2010, 05:33 PM
I'm playing game room, but I'm buying the games on a different profile - I'm not going into details here since it's kind of long, and the why is not relevant to my problem.

After downloading game pack 003, I realized the game list in the store section was not complete. So I first deleted the game pack, and reinstalled it. When I went back to play, I couldn't play any games from any pack.

Then, after trying a whole bunch of ways, I deleted everything (except for the medals/arcade file of the 1 profile I play with) - including all the marketplace info. I still couldn't play. The weirdest thing is that the profile on which I bought the games still had them in the collection section - I didn't have to download anything at all.

So I eventually deleted the profile I bought the games with PLUS THE DOWNLOADED ITEMS. When I reloaded the profile and went into GR, the games were still in the "my collection section" - I didn't have to download anything.

The only game I don't have all gold is super breakout - and since I regretted buying that game the minute I started playing (I didn't remember the board being so small, anyways. So much for me trying demos...), I might not even have gotten all gold on that one. But I still want to be able to acess the games I've paid for.

Does anybody have any suggestions knows what to do?

05-05-2010, 05:56 PM
Never mind about that. I worked it out

If anybody else has the same problem, just go in account management, and select download history. Just do "download again"

All gold in super "aka frustrating" breakout, here I come ;)