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I wanna make people happy with this star mission guide! :drunk
Switch Out/Transform = ST (Switch out / Transform)
Ki Blast/Smash Attack = KS (Ki Blasts / Smash Attack)
Melee Attack = MA (Melee Attack)
Signature Skills = SS (Signature)
Movement = MO (Left Stick)
Super / Ultimate Attack = SU
> = then (What to do next)
Stun Attack = MAx4 (MA MA MA MA) > KS

Do not use Signature Skills or Super Attacks
If it disallows you to use signature and super attacks then do ultimate attacks as this mission does not stop you from doing ultimate attacks.

Land NUMBER(#) Charge Attacks: Snap
Timing. This can be difficult to a certain group, it can be easy for a certain group. For me its hard. What to do in here is, hold the MA button until your character blinks (flashes), as soon as it blinks (flashes) release the MA button and you should hit it.

Throw Your Opponent from the rear
MA KS to smack your opponent to your rear, then MAx4 (MA MA MA MA) > KS to stun your opponent and do the throw attack.For [Androids Saga] Stage 22 ˇV Surpassing GokuˇK Fight On, Super Gohan! After you do the stun attack (MAx4 (MA MA MA MA) > KS), you need to move up one step (or move forward till youˇ¦re close enough to Gohan) as Cellˇ¦s hand is too short and he canˇ¦t perform this attack.

Land NUMBER(#) Signature Skills in a row
Charge your ki, preferably maximum. MA > KS to knock your opponent's back against you, MAx4 (MA MA MA MA) > KS to stun him. Now spam your signature button.

Finish with little damage
Finish this battle as fast as you can and try to get as few damage as possible. My suggest is, do a lot of combos and super attacks, however, if you are not good with combos then use super rising (Rise button and Descend button(flying buttons)) to escape from your opponent, charge your ki to max then tab DA twice (Dash key) and you should end up behind your opponent, press MA once to knock him around and use your ultimate attack.

Draw your opponent closer NUMBER(#) times
You will only encounter this when you're using Piccolo. This is the signature attack, pull your opponent closer to you three times. You can do this in a row and this is the method: Charge your ki to max, and get to your opponent, do one MA then spam your signature button.

Dodge all of your opponentˇ¦s Signature Skills
This mission is rather similar to Finish With Little Damage,however, you have to be even more careful in this one because signature skills have no name plate,it is not the same as super or ultimate attacks so you may have got hit and you do not know.What you should do is, fight fast, very fast. Keep on charging your ki when you have free space. Use ki blasts in your combos, do not only do punches and kicks,also ki blasts, when you have the chance use your super or ultimate attack and kill off youropponent quickly!

Battle on the ground for a long time
Stay on the ground, this is basically what it is asking you to do. When you are fighting, try to not use any super or ultimate attacks as they will automatically make you float. Lure your opponent to stand near you and melee you, and as they are close-by, MA > MO-Down > KS to sweep them down but do not attack them just yet, make sure theyˇ¦re on the ground. As they get up, do the sweep attack (MA > MO-Down > KS) again. Try and not spend more than 15 minutes in this battle. As long as you are sure youˇ¦re on the ground most of the time in this battle, then youˇ¦re fine.

Perform two counters
This mission is rather difficult as you are not sure when they do smash attacks (or charge attacks). However, it is sometime quite easy to see as many characters do a BIG action to perform their charge attacks, such as Yamcha, as soon as they do the charge (smash) attack quickly defend and do KS to perform one counter.

Knock down your opponent and perform a Super Attack
First perform a Sweep Attack (MA > MO-Down > KS), now wait for the opponent to get to the ground. As soon as it is on the ground, do a super attack. Most characters such as Goku have their beam attacks (quickest and most obvious) as SU-Up.

Make a throw the first attack
Get behind your opponent before the start of the battle and as soon as it starts do a throw. This is the best chance to get a throw as first attack.

Land Three Pursuit Attacks: 2 After sending your opponent into the air
Pursuit attacks is when you do a max or snap charge, you spam the MA button and you will perform a pursuit attack. So what it tells you here is, knock your opponent into the air. Do a max charge, hold your MA button and the MO-Up, release the MA button and perform a charge attack, then spam your MA button to pursuit, just in case keep sending the opponent into the air. You need to do this 3 times.

Perform NUMBER(#) Snap-Vanishing
As your opponent charges up the MA button(You can see this clearly), spam your defence button(or wait for the opponent to attack you),right before he attacks you, press the defence button andyou should vanish and appear near your opponent,this is one snap-vanishing.

Perform NUMBER(#) Sways
Defence > MA gives you one sway. As the opponent is attacking you with normal melee attacks(MA MA MA MA MA), you do a sway to evade the punches and kicks. There is no best way to do it as the opponent will keep on punching you in normal / hard difficulty (less likely in easy) and perform the sway as they punch you. You may get low hp but then again for a star, itˇ¦s worth it as this is one of the easier tasks.

Make a signature skill the first attack
Best way to do this is get behind your opponent and spam your signature button BEFORE the match starts and as soon as it starts youˇ¦ll hit with your signature button.
tip to get the [Bardock Saga] Stage 1 ˇV Friezaˇ¦s Betrayal! Operation Saiyan Sweep star!Don't do it on hard mode because that will make it impossiblesince Bardock is not weak meanwhile Dodoria is quite slow of a character so play it on Easy.So this is what you should do...First go back a few steps, stay away from Bardock but nottoo far, hold block. You may now see Bardock running awayfrom you too and charges his ki, if he does that you can runto him quickly (dash if you like) and spam your Signature.This should hit, but if it doesn't hit quickly and hold block!Blocked attack does not count as attack.

RudeBoy TK
05-05-2010, 06:18 PM
Win all Skirmishes
A Skirmish is when you have to roll your movement to win.Most stage has an event skirmish other than [Majin Buu Saga] Stage 3 ˇV The Junior Finals! Trunks vs. Goten. During the Junior Finals battle, stay away from Goten, he will then hit you with a Kamehameha and as soon as he does, SU-up and youˇ¦ll be in a skirmish, make sure you win it!

Successfully pull off all Perfect Actions
This star can sometime be difficult to get, what I suggest is to charge your ki and keep it max most of the time as most of the actions are about signature skill, super attack and ultimate attack.Perfect Action window come on at the centre(center) top of your screen, so make sure you pay attention to what it asks you to do. As you carried out one Perfect Action a yellow "PERFECT ACTION!!!" will show up as you successfully carried out a perfect mission.Give the stage minimum 3 minutes and maximum 10 minutes to ensure you have carried out EVERY perfect action.

Perform a Super Attack after sending your opponent flying
Hold MA button and MO-up, and release, your opponent should now be FLYING, use a super attack to follow him and hopefully it hits. Easiest stage to do this is Frieza Saga] Stage 1 - Gohan In a Frenzy! Iˇ¦m Going to Kill You! as Krillin has an effective skill which flies(flys) to the sky and attack the opponent after. One of the hardest stages should be [Frieza Saga] Stage 7 - Hang on, Gohan! Goku Finally Arrives! This is how you do it, you perform a throw on Recoome and as soon as you have thrown him out, perform a Kamehameha. Congratulations an easy star obtained!

Perform two Crashes
If my memory serves right, this only appears in two battles,letˇ¦s talk about the first one Frieza Saga] Stage 2 ˇV Zarbon the Beautiful Fighter, and His Secret Power this stage can get complicated as you see there are MANY help request topics. What I suggest to do is go under water as soon as the battle starts. Namek has 3 crashes spot, 2 under water (Try and find something looks like the Siegestor in france) and you should be able to perform a crash attack there. Good luck.The second one appears on [Androids Saga] Stage 17 ˇV Bow Before Me, Cell! I Am Super Vegeta This stage have three corners where you can perform the crashers, and theyˇ¦re obvious and easy to find, this one is a lot easier than Zarbonˇ¦s.

Perform NUMBER(#) HITS or more
To do this, perform an ultimate attack. [Majin Buu Saga] Stage 8 ˇV The Fused Hero is Born! His Name: Gotenks you will need to charge your ki to max, then shoot 4 ki blasts (for secure) and then perform your ultimate attack, this should give you 11 ˇV 13 hits if done right. Alternatively there is another method. First you do 3 - 4Ki blasts then MAx4 (MA MA MA MA) > MO-Up > KS > DAThis should give you an air-combo, now spam the MAbutton, you should already have 10 hits but keep goingwith the pursuit attack. That should do it.If the character's ultimate does not give you enough hitsthen please try the alternative method because that shoulddo the trick. Hopefully it works for you.

Paralyze your opponent and perform a Super Attack
You will only encounter this for tow characters, Chiaotzu and Piccolo. For Chiaotzu you need to use Telekinesis followed by a don-don ray or whatever you prefer, however, it has to do damage. Piccolo uses Paralyze beam, do it and attack with a super attack.

Perform a signature skill from your opponentˇ¦s rear
Same for many other rear attacks, you have to perform MA > KS attack to make the opponentˇ¦s back to you, then perform your signature skill. If youˇ¦re doing it in Frieza Saga] Stage 3 ˇV Unleash Your Ability! The Results of King Kaiˇ¦s Training! then do it with Tien, it has a higher chance of success rate as his signature skill is fastest of the 3 (Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu)

Land NUMBER(#) ki blasts
You should be able to do this one easily, charge your ki and spam your ki blasts button. Always think you have not finished, this is the easiest way to do it because youˇ¦ll end up killing your opponent with ki blasts. Alternatively you can count, but the worst thing is you can lost count.

Dodge all of your opponentˇ¦s Ultimate Attacks
Ultimate attacks are the easiest attacks to read, as for therecord blocking it is also a way of dodging it. So if you are not confident with your movement, or youˇ¦re too close to your opponent when the opponent uses it, then block the ultimate attack.

Perform Smash Attack: High from the rear
MA > KS, then MA > MO-Up > KS, this may actually leadyou to an air combo if youˇ¦re good enough.

Deflect two Super Attacks
This one is easy, there is a ˇ§cheatingˇ¨ way wanna hear it?I know you do. Alright so this is what you must do, stay away from your opponent,this should lure them on doing more super attacks and as the beam is coming, hold down your defence key and roll MObutton like you do in skirmishes, it should deflect 70% of the beam attacks.

Perform Smash Attack: Low from the rear
Perform MA > KS to knock your opponent so the backfaces you, MA > MO-down > KS to perform a sweep attack,congratulations you have got yourself an easy star!

Make a Super Attack the first attack
This should be one of the easiest, get close to your opponent, preferably behind the opponent. As soon as the match begins, do a super attack.

RudeBoy TK
05-05-2010, 06:20 PM
Deflect NUMBER(#) ki blasts
This mission is rather impossible because this is not a mission but a challenge. It requests you to deflect ki blastswhile they do nothing but attacking you with superattacks or melee attacks. Therefore, I suggest skipping it.However, if you really want to do this there is a method.Stay away from your opponent but in a range where ki blasts lands, and chargeyour ki, the opponent will want to stop you from charging so they will attack you with 2 ki blasts maximum, deflect these blasts.To deflect a blast, there are three methods. Method one, stand still and defence as the ki blasts comes.Method two, move forward or back (do not press DA) and then spam the defence key, your character should now be deflecting blasts even if there are no blasts. Method three, use a DA to your opponent, the aura around you is too heavy for the ki blasts to handle, thatˇ¦s why you wan deflect ki blasts with it.

Land NUMBER(#) Ultimate / Super Attacks in a row
The best way to do this is to charge your ki, then performit then run away (super rising), charge your ki and fly to your opponentˇ¦s back (DA x2)and perform the super attack / ultimate attack again.For [Androids Saga] Stage 16 ˇV Stop Him! Cellˇ¦s PerfectForm. Cell is always above the water therefore you haveplenty of time to charge your ki, also dondon ray doesnot take away too much ki and the reuse seems to befaster than Tri-Beam. [What-If Stories] Stage 4 ˇV Grandfather Against Grandsonis more or less impossible because the cave is too small,I would suggest skip it unless you in need of a star.

Do not use Ultimate Attacks
As the word said it, do not charge your ki to max so you will not accidentally use ultimate attack.

Dodge all of your opponentˇ¦s Super Attacks
Quickly finish the battle, especially the battle where youfight Jeice and Burter as they have a skill that is unblockable. Try to perfect the match for secure reason, however, if theyˇ¦re not doing the move then play at your own pace, but it has to be fast.

Do not use Super Attacks
You should only be able to find this stage TWICE and it is[Frieza Saga] Stage 22 ˇV A Match of Psychics! Chiaotzu vs. Guldo keep killing Guldowith punchings and charge attacks (triangle), this should beat him off easily.However, in [What-If Stories] Stage 7 ˇV The Ginyu Force Shakeup Part 1: The fiendish Captainˇ¦s Training Ginyu cannot use Ultimate Attack (As you are not supposed to do CHANGE in this battle) so all you can do is punch, kicks and ki blasts.

Absorb a lot of energy/ki
You can only see this mission in the beginning of androidssaga and the stage featuring Dr. Gero, as theyˇ¦re the only one who can do this attack. Their Signature and ultimate attacks are all draining attacks, keep performing them and perform them wisely else you may have to redo the whole battle as you have not drained enough.#19ˇ¦s signature attack is horrible so prepared to be in low hp when youˇ¦re done with the battleIn [What-If Stories] Stage 14 ˇV Freedom! Dr. Gero only appears for a short period of time, therefore you must use his signature to absorb ki as doing the ultimate will waste too much time to absorb A LOT of energy/ki.

Make a Charge Attack: Snap the first attack
I find this impossible so I have skipped it. However, just like all snap charges, you need to hold the MA button till your character blinks, and as it flashes release it. Good luck

Do not Defend
As easy as it says, donˇ¦t defend. Win the battle withoutdefending, yes you can do it!

Battle in the air for a long time
As easy as it sound, stay in the air in the whole match.Do Air combos (MA > MO-Up > KS) keep your opponent high in the sky with you. Easiest way is to keep shooting ki blasts and melee attacks without doing any smash attacks, that way the opponent will not fall. Give this stage minimum 2 minutes and maximum 10 minutes

Land NUMBER(#) Knockdown Attacks
MA > MO-down > KS to sweep your opponent onto the ground, MO-down throw will perform a knockdown attack.You may find this hard as this appears all the time in RockyIslands, in Rocky islands, you NEED to stay on one of the rocks else the opponent will not stay on the ground.

Do not charge any ki
This mission sounds stupid no matter which angle you look at it. Okay so this is what you need to do, keep on punching your opponent and doing combos, as you have some ki do a super attack. This is the way to do this stage.

Dodge all of your opponentˇ¦s throws and crashes
The easiest way is to finish this stage before the opponenthas any chance to move. Another way is to stay out of throw range as crash and throw are the same thing, so stay out of throw range and youˇ¦ll be okay.Preferably to finish this match quickly as possible.

Battle underwater for a long time
Exactly same as BATTLE ON GROUND FOR A LONG TIME,all you have to do is lure your opponent to under water and keep on doing MA > MO-down > KS for sweep attack, this attack does not do a lot of damage but very effective,so keep on doing it. You can use super and ultimate attacks however, that may ruin your stage as it may kill your opponent too quickly. So give it time and keep on doing sweep attacks underwater. Give this stage minimum 2 minutes and maximum 10 minutes.

Perform a Super Attack while Super Rising
While super rising it is extremely hard to aim but you need to do it. This is what you need to do, Go on the wall (any side of the wall will do) and do super rising there (make sure you have enough ki) and when youˇ¦re doing super rising, quickly use super attack it should hit.The reason why I suggest to be on the wall is because it limits the spaces of where your opponent can be, so it gives you a higher chance to hit.

RudeBoy TK
05-05-2010, 06:20 PM
Do not use Signature Skills, Super Attacks,or Ultimate Attacks
You are not allowed to do anything besides ki blastsand punching, so what you should do in this stage is tryand do a good long combo with Fighting Trunks.Thatˇ¦s the only advice I can give.

Perform a Super Attack from your opponentˇ¦s rear
As easy as it says, MA > KS so your opponentˇ¦s backfaces you, then perform your super attack, boom and one star collected!

Perform NUMBER(#) Throw Evasions
In my opinion this is hard because the opponent hardlythrow you, even less than ki blasts. So as soon as opponent throws you, you block it. I cannot advice more than this.

Land a hit with a deflected ki blasts
Is this mission serious? So you got to stay very closeto your opponent and as soon as they shoot a strong kiblast, you deflect it. This is one of the easiest ways to get this to work.

Make an Ultimate Attack the first attack
To do this, play on easy and charge your ki and wish yourself luck that your opponent charges too. If youˇ¦re afraid and wants some secure charging plan thenyou will want to super rising then charge and go backdown to your opponent, but do remember if you do thatyour ki may drop down to hardly left or even none ofultimate time, therefore, use this wisely.

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Please rate this for me sow the gamers can find this faster.

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Do not use Signature Skills, Super
Perform NUMBER(#) Throw Evasions
In my opinion this is hard because the opponent hardlythrow you, even less than ki blasts. So as soon as opponent throws you, you block it. I cannot advice more than this.

These are about the hardest stars to get imo. Whever I try to do the throw evasion, it doesn't work, or my character dodges and hits the opponent on the wall (it doesn't count as a throw evasion, though). Does anybody have any tips for this one?

RudeBoy TK
05-05-2010, 09:55 PM
These are about the hardest stars to get imo. Whever I try to do the throw evasion, it doesn't work, or my character dodges and hits the opponent on the wall (it doesn't count as a throw evasion, though). Does anybody have any tips for this one?

I think im gonna skip the trow evasions :D

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