View Full Version : Console Update will not finnish updating.

Cable Player
05-06-2010, 10:43 AM
I just received my younger brother's xbox back from TDR.
They have replaced the HDD with a previously used 120GB drive.
I formatted the drive because we do not want somebody else's garbage, which didn't even have the updated :gsicon: for Halo 3, on the harddrive.

Now, when recovering my brothers gamertag, the console needs to update, and it is hanging at roughly 40%.

Is there any known issues with updates and Xbox Live at the moment, or are we looking at a very angry letter of complain to TDR... AGAIN...

UPDATE: After three or four attempts I decided to leave it, so 30 minutes later it finally kicked in.
This is most unusual, especially on the 50mb Virgin Media service.

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