View Full Version : I fluked Lok on Hard Boiled difficulty...

05-11-2010, 06:15 PM
I was struggling with this Boss for about 2 hours, I tried all the guides here, even looked on youtube, and just could not do it. Finally I got really lucky. I happened to me, maybe it could happen for you.

I started of with the Assault rifle and Shotgun.
I did the stair trick while running around the bottom collecting the origami cranes until I had a full Tequila Bomb Gauge. Then shot one of the statues till it fell on him. (I tried for the second but missed)

When he started to follow me I went upstairs, Barraged him twice, dropped down, once he started throwing grenades.

Once down, I kept running around in a bottom staying close to the wall, listening for the grenades to explode, trying to find a health-pack kept running...

... Then to my surprise, he was stuck on the top floor throwing grenades, till he eventually blew himself up!

I can only guess, by trying to throw them at me he hit a column or wall. Maybe you'll get lucky with this too. Just keep moving.

Good Luck.