View Full Version : Easy TP Farming

05-13-2010, 09:46 PM
Hello, a friend of mine thought I should share this info I randomly found while messing around with combos.
(You get TP based off your highest hit #s at the end of a battle)
If you can get an enemies break to 0 (Let's say he's the last one on the field and you go all out on him) and then use two moves, you can easily get 100+ combo.
Please note that both of these moves hit for twice as many hits as their already high number if the enemy has no guard AKA gauge is broken.

Angelic Howl: Cross Edge + Ascension Shower + Sonic Wave + Solid Caliber + Atomic Hole (Hero/Ellis/Vira)
Execution: Double Edge + Cross Edge + Square Cross (Hero or Hero + Hero or Hero + Hero + Hero)

You should have enough AP to use both in one turn. (Assuming you are using 2-3 heroes, Ellis, and Vira-Lorr.) After class changing at level 50 you should have enough AP to use Angelic Howl and Execution twice, netting an easy 150 hit combo and roughly 30 TP before bonus exp.

05-17-2010, 07:40 AM
Wow just Wow, I am netting 300+ combos per battle and, clearing each fight in 2 or less turns. I am netting 78-80 TP per-fight. I litterally takes me about 15 mins to net 1500-2000 TP. All you need to use it Axel Rave, and Execution. each require 32 AP.