View Full Version : Pigeons 29 and 30

05-16-2010, 10:12 AM
Do not exist...

I got 31-37 just fine. No where can I find 29-30 which I apparently have to go to the far end of the VIP and jump on a grassy hill. That couldn't be more vague.

I do not see a grassy hill and there are a lot of doors that cannot be opened. I go up high as I can to get a vantage point of the whole VIP area and see no hill or pigeons or anything. Any idea where these two are? Thanks.

EDIT: To make this easier to understand for those who have trouble, it is by the 11th shield area towards the back right. Get the two block guys near each other to jump to the other side and they are in plain sight. I think it would have been easier to label these 41-42 instead of 29-30. Just my opinion.