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05-21-2010, 04:30 PM
I'm a big bike fan. I go to race tracks every year and i have owned many bike games (SBK 07 & Superbike Riding Challenge on PS2. SBK 08, 09 Motogp 07, 08 on 360). SBK 08 wasn't great felt like the track was moving and not the bike plus other little things but I though SBK 09 was perfect the handling, the graphics the whole feel of it was amazing but after playing the SBK X demo I think it's gone backwards. On arcade there's too much oversteer and difficult to kept it in a straight line and what's with the stupid boost button??? Sim mode is not much better it's the complete opposite with massive understeer and very very very slow change of direction. I know it's only a demo but I wasn't going to buy SBK 09 last year until I played the demo because 08 wasn't great. I got hooked on the SBK 09 demo before it came out doing full length races. Give it until July when it will be 15 on play.com

one other point Donington instead of Silverstone?

05-25-2010, 11:43 AM
I've downloaded the game on to my PC and I will buy it to my 360 when the game comes out. And I think that it's a very good game. And yes I agree with you about the whole steering thing, but talking to your engineer will make things alot better. Career mode is really fun and having SBK, WSS and STK classes makes the game alot bigger and more choices of what bikes to ride and so on.

And the reason why it's Doington and not Silverstone is beacuse MotoGp is currently racing on Silverstone and I think they swapped track with each other. So now SBK has Donington and MotoGp has silverstone :)

05-31-2010, 01:08 AM
I wanted to buy or at least rent this game but I cannot find it anywhere in my city, and I have never had any problems tracking down at least one copy of any game I have ever looked for. Kind of disappointed about that so I guess I'll have to wait until a copy pops up somewhere for me.

05-31-2010, 12:01 PM
I've never played a motorbike racer before, might have to try this if hopefully my gamescene have it!

06-03-2010, 12:38 AM
What is goin on with this game, I cannot even find it on amazon or any stores, anywhere!!!! WTF??

06-05-2010, 10:47 AM
What is goin on with this game, I cannot even find it on amazon or any stores, anywhere!!!! WTF??

Ok this might soung silly but has SBK X actually been released in Canada? (Not meant in a sarcastic way) Im from the UK and there's no problem getting it from amazon or GAME.

Have you tried getting it on ebay? (if im allowed to mention that)

06-05-2010, 02:59 PM
I just purchased this game yesterday the steel box version with a cool Ben Spies documentary and poster it also comes with a legends voucher which includes more bikes and riders and its the same price as the standard game,I've only been playing it for a short time and find it to be a lot better than moto gp 09/10 which is a shame,So in my opinion this is the best motorbike game on the market.But what I would really love to see is an isle of man tt game,I used to have it for the ps2 years ago and would love to see an updated version as it was awesome.

06-06-2010, 08:18 AM
my sbk x game add on content only has a 24 digit code,has anyone else had this problem or just me

06-09-2010, 04:13 PM
Just got it from Asda (same price as Amazon).

I've played both the previous 360 SBK games to death and I think they just get better with each iteration. 08 was really dry and sim-like, 09 improved the handling and the presentation and X is even better.

The handling (I'm in Simulation Low at the moment) is much better than it was in 09 - I found you just couldn't lean fast enough for most bends, even with as many tweaks as possible to help you... for this reason I struggled doing a Ducati championship as I found the Duke especially hard to get going even with a lot of adjustments. Now I find the bike will do what I want it to so I can concentrate on my line and my opponents. This is a huge improvement over 09 where you almost never seemed to even get your knee down and had to slow to a crawl before turning.

The career mode is cool too - you feel more like a part of your team as opposed to just picking your favourite rider/bike and going with them. I haven't progressed that far to see how well the whole thing works but it reminds me of Super Monaco GP on the Genesis and that's not a bad thing!

Creating your own character is okay but not great. There's not enough nationalities to choose from (I've had to pick US instead of Canada) nor enough faces (only 20 and they're all pre-made). It's also a bit of a shame there's not as many options for your helmet or leathers, or indeed a paintshop to customize your guy and his bike. And speaking of guys, there's no option to create a female rider! I know a lot of them, and they'll be disappointed with the lack of a gender option.

A few problems persist from the old games. I hope you like loading screens, because there's still a LOT of them. I want to know what the hell has to be loaded in between each session of a race weekend, as surely the track, riders and stuff was loaded in the first time? Thus if you're not interested in qualifying and just want to try and fight your way up from the back of the grid you have to skip through about five loading screens. If you do things properly, you have even more screens because there's one between each leg of the Superpole! I haven't tried installing it to my hard drive yet to see whether it improves things. While the game has been run through a translator, there's still a few jarring bits of grammar and incorrect expressions which breaks the immersion somewhat. There's also the rather bizarre situation of Donington being in 'Europe' as opposed to 'The United Kingdom' (though I'm sure its presence was confirmed before the big problems renovating the track there, hence its presence instead of Silverstone)

The new camera angles, incidentally, suck. In all but the default setting for external views, the way the viewpoint lowers as you gain speed means that your own head will begin to block your view of what's directly in front of you! At least the internal views have been improved... two are still useless but the third has finally acknowledged that when you ride a real bike you don't look straight ahead in corners, you look where you want to be and steer the bike towards that. This view is subject to some violent shakes though which can make keeping a steady line hard, and you still don't have the peripheral vision you have in real life which is so crucial to judging your position relative to other riders and the edges of the track.

I'm not sure what the special edition adds but if it really is just Fogarty and some other legendary riders and bikes then it's not worth the extra 10!

Overall, though, it's even more fun than 09 so far and I look forward to getting some more free time to spend playing it!

06-13-2010, 04:00 PM
the collectors edition is really good. although i think it could be improved by having more than 17 riders, i personally think it is the best class on the game, with a mixture of bikes. it also has a poster, and a ben spies documentry. i think the bikes are the most fun to ride as they are really loose compared to the 2010 and 2009 bikes, (apart from last years yamaha of ben spies). its real fun snaking the bikes into corners at high speed. i enjoy riding them so much that i so far have only lost one race in that class online and that was only because i crashed, and then went on to set the fastest lap in that class around valencia, like i have in many classes, or got close to the top of most laptime leaderboards. the best part about the collectors edition is that i got it for seven pound cheaper than most places sell the normal game, so it was a bargain.

06-25-2010, 04:37 AM
I too shelled out for the SE edition and it's Milestone's best effort since SBK 2001 (I have bought all their SBK games & MotoGP '08).

The extras that come with the SE edition, the unlock code for the legends pack & the special tin the game comes in are nice but the SBK X poster and Ben Spies DVD aren't really worth the money as the season review looks to be Youtube videos from Superbike.TV and all in Italian with wonky English subtitles. The behind the scenes video with Spies and his team is good but way too short at just over 20 minutes.

As for the game, it's a step up from SBK '09 but isn't the definitive SBK or motorcycle game we all hoped for.

The support classes are based on the 2009 season and there is no BMW in the Superstock 1000 class (who have won every race thus far in 2010). Cal Crutchlow is listed as racing in both Supersport and SBK classes :rolleyes:. Why didn't Milestone release the game with the current stable of riders and include the Superstock 600 class is anyones guess.

It was stated on the Milestone blog that the physics engine was reworked by the guy responsible for the excellent SBK 2001 physics. This reads like a major upgrade but Milestone have tweaked the physics engine where you now hold on the rear brake to set fast laps, as opposed to SBK '09 where one would hold the front brakes on to achieve the same effect which is stupid. Steering and change of direction is far too slow for the SBK and Superstock classes too, while only the SuperSport class appear to handle and change direction as they do in real life. This again is stupid as the rules for SBK allow for a 4 cylinder machine to weigh 162KG (168 Kg for a twin, which has been reduced by 2.5KG's) while the Super Sport bikes weigh 158KG (and 162 for the triple cylinder Triumph's) - surely then a SBK bike with modifications to forks and rear suspension components would handle as well, if not better, than the lower & more restricted SuperSport class.

Finally, the much talked about "create your own rider" is so narrow in its abilities, I don't know why they bothered to include it as a feature. The only freedoms one has are height, name and nickname. Faces are all taken from the Milestone team (I hope face #6 aka the goblin isn't!) and the riding style is taken from past SBK champions but it's just a bit of fluff, unlike the riding style presents found in Tourist Trophy for the PS2.


08-23-2010, 03:42 PM
still love this game, its brilliant. cant wait to see how they improve next years. ive now given up with online, winning game after game got boring, and it is much more fun playing against AI on hardest difficulty, although that is a bit easy to. hope they make the AI better in the next one. its already my birthday present for next year and it isnt even announced yet.