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05-22-2010, 12:23 PM
After much speculation as to how or what triggers the Battle of Yi Ling, i think i may finally have the answer.
Start the game as usual, Pick sun Quan, Continue to skip until Lui Bei has expanded his land dow to Chang Sha and the land to the left.
Now, after the first time of doing this i completed the battle, won Chang Sha back from the shu forces and began skipping battles until Yi Ling appeared... 1 problem, it never did.

Then the ingenious idea of looking on Wikipedia hit me. Apparently the Battle of Yi Ling was fought because Wu forces captured and killed Guan Yu,thus Enraging the Shu empire. This in turn lead to Yi Ling.
Now during my first try for the achievement i rushed the bases and finished the mission in minimal time. But during my second run thrugh, i noticed Guan Yu. After killing him the first time he returned, I killed him again. 'Guan Yu has been captured' appeared on my screen. I finished the level off and returned to the menu. Hey presto! 3 turns later the Battle of Yi Ling appears.

Now, I would like some feedback from you guys to clarify this, but i'm pretty sure it all links it quite nicely and gives a reasonable explanation of how to unlock The battle of Yi Ling.

Hope this helped,

Darth Stigious
09-08-2010, 12:25 PM
Was trying to unlock this battle for sooo long that i got bored of trying. Thanks for the advice, I'll get round to trying it out and let you know the outcome. Cheers :)

03-01-2011, 01:36 AM
Thanks alot for this. I didn't really want this one achievement to stop me from getting the full 1k