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Owen H Brown
05-23-2010, 11:59 AM
Hello folks,

I am playing through the starting missions on Calderis on Primarch difficulty and I am having a blast.

Unfortunately I was only able to capture one of the two special landmarks in one of the missions. I completed the mission and now seem unable to return to ground level and claim the landmark.

I realise that only one landmark can be captured per deployment, so what am I to do?

Should I intentionally die so I can re-deploy?

Or is there some way to voluntarily go back to planet level after capturing the first landmark so that I can re-deploy?

Lastly, how can I go back and capture the remaining landmark from the mission I have already completed?

I would really appreciate your help.

05-23-2010, 01:59 PM
Keep playing, you will get a mission to redeploy to map. It could be awhile depending on how far in you are.

You can fail a mission after getting the landmark and then replay it to get the second one if you rather not wait. I would avoid failing on purpose once you get far enough into the game to have the timed missions pop up.

its delicious
05-23-2010, 03:24 PM
It's not impossible to do this on Primarch, but why would you do that to yourself? If you're not doing a co-op run-through now, you may want to save the achievement for then.

When I made the Recruit run-through and forgot one of the captures, I still captured it later during a Defend mission, using only the Force Commander to take the point. Way too easy. :)

05-23-2010, 04:06 PM
Yeah dont worry you will have plenty of chances to go back for them.

Owen H Brown
05-23-2010, 10:36 PM
Yeah dont worry you will have plenty of chances to go back for them.

Why am I playing on primarch? Various reasons. Firstly I have a nasty habit of playing through on the hardest difficulty when achievements stack. The thrill of seeing three of four achievements pop-up once I finish the game is great, and I like knowing that the Hardest difficulty is, you know, out of the way, makes chasing other achievements less anxious for me if I know the big one is already taken care of.

I have done this with games like Iron Man, Kane & Lynch, 50 Cent, The Darkness, Bioshock 2, Arkham Asylum.

The other reason is that I find human beings generally unreliable, including myself. Playing games on co-op is always a hassle for me, (I live in Australia and play when you guys are probably sleeping) and if I am going to be worried about who is or isn't online I would rather do it when I have the Primarch achievement under my belt. That's if I even bother with the co-op achievements.

Besides, the levelling system means that a loss is never that bad, you're always getting tougher, no matter how much you fail at first.

Can someone please explain to me how the eventual redeployment works? Does the planet get re-invaded? or does the ability to simply visit covered ground become unlocked?

I guess what I am asking is this. Are re-visits to old battefields scripted and one-off, like in a game like Saints Row? Or is it a dynamic system where I have to keep watching my territories in real-time to ensure they don't get taken, like Total war?

This game is really grabbing me. My 360 is going to be very lonely over the next few weeks, let me tell you.

Oh and Hybrid... I looked at your achievements last night. VERY impressive completion rate. Roughtly the same GS as me but with half the number of games. Did you complete Arkham Asylum on hard for your first play through?

Oh one last question, is there a button that makes the camera follow the selected unit, you know, for a cinematic view? That's one thing I loved about Stormrise.

05-24-2010, 07:16 PM
Dawn of War II is a really good game! Always good to hear that new people find that out. :)

If I understand correctly you want to grab every strategic asset on the planets? If that truly is what you want there are several ways to go about doing it. Firstly you can as you have yourself mentioned fail missions on purpose just to re-deploy at once. This is probably the fastest way of claiming all of the assets. However, in this game you will have infinite chances to revisit areas after the main campaign is finished. There are some achievements that require you to grind total campaign points and those values are set so high that grinding after the completion of the last mission is often necessary anyway. During this free play mode you will get defense type missions and hunt type missions on random maps. These will go on forever giving you the chance to clean up. :)

I hope this was the answer to your question?
Happy gaming!

Owen H Brown
05-25-2010, 07:31 AM
Loud and clear, thanks!