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05-25-2010, 09:34 AM
A prequel to Jackie Brown (http://uk.movies.ign.com/objects/040/040491.html), Quentin Tarantino's 1997 love letter to the blaxploitation era, is in the works, but it won't be coming from Tarantino.

JoBlo.com (http://www.joblo.com/index.php?id=32260) is reporting that an upcoming prequel, titled The Switch (http://uk.movies.ign.com/objects/075/075262.html), has Tarantino's blessing, though he's not involved in the project directly.

Tarantino adapted Jackie Brown from Elmore Leonard's 1992 novel Rum Punch, a follow-up to his 1978 novel The Switch. Now, screenwriter Daniel Schechter has turned that book into a script. Michael Siegel, who previously produced the Leonard adaptation Be Cool, is on board as producer, along with Leonard himself.

The Switch centers on younger versions of two of the peripheral characters seen in Jackie Brown, Ordell Robbie (played in the film by Samuel L. Jackson (http://uk.stars.ign.com/objects/913/913546.html)) and Louis Gara (Robert De Niro (http://uk.stars.ign.com/objects/916/916297.html)). The search is on for a cast and director.

According to the official synopsis of the book, Ordell and Louis hit it off in prison, where they were both doing time for grand theft auto. Now that they're out, they're joining forces for one big score. The plan is to kidnap the wife of a wealthy Detroit developer and hold her for ransom. But they didn't figure the lowlife husband wouldn't want his lady back. So it's time for Plan B and the opportunity to make a real killing with the unlikely help of a beautiful, ticked-off housewife who's hungry for a large helping of sweet revenge.

Source - IGN.com

wow i didnt even know that this was ever in the pipeline.

not to happy hearing that Tarrintino wont be directing it, but for him to give his blessing for it to be directed elsewere must mean it's in reliable hands.

05-25-2010, 09:38 AM
Absolutely loved Jackie Brown! Can't wait to see a prequel.

05-25-2010, 01:05 PM
Never saw the original, but the description makes it sound interesting. Can't stand Tarantino, so it's even better that he won't be directing this.

I'd be all for Jackson and De Niro returning to play their roles...I can only imagine. These days, what movie isn't Samuel L. Jackson in?