View Full Version : Boost in two phases

05-25-2010, 03:16 PM
In case some of you poor souls haven't figured it out, Stranglehold's boosting is one of the most unenjoyable and tedious experiences on Earth ever. The loading screen takes forever to go away and unluckily there's no soundtrack to listen to. The boosting party looks into the dull loading screen much longer than actually playing.

I'd share a tip. Boost in two phases. First phase is for hosting and the second phase is for kill.

The host is the only person to push buttons. The members can go away and tend to their other businesses. The host just keeps an eye on starting and finishing a match while also doing his own stuff. The 1-min matches are really too short for any major killing to take place. This way is lazy but it saves you from looking at the loading screen in extreme boredom.

Once everyone takes turn and get their hosting achievements, start a 30-minute match. Somebody be the killer and everyone else gather up in one spot for him to kill. No random killing (playing legit leads to evading which wastes time). Again, take turns. Be noble and don't quit. Preferably, every member should have en-friended one another so if one gets cheap and leaves, everybody blacklists him.

In theory, this procedure will minimize the time of people (added together) sitting in front of the loading screen.