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05-26-2010, 09:10 PM
this is one of the best single player experiences ive played since bioshock 1. the story is great besides it was confusing towards the end and leaves ya hangin. i guess thats for the sequel or dlc. (dlc) =( i hate how all games are producing with dlc in mind and leave you hanging on original format. greedy bastards. M$ bioshock 2 "cough" red dead "cough".

i thought the graphics were superb. besides the fish net looking grid stuff that i see on alot of games now. the cut scene dubbed in look for voice acting was weak. maybe it was originally in japanese? lol.... i like the hud even tho the screen still goes red when your about to die. it kinda feels old school which i like.

the controller layout was great, but i wish i could of made my right shoulder my default view instead it always going left. i guess it's because they drive on the other side of the road. lol.... i loved how the combat was so different compared to other games. it felt fresh and new. to me it was kind of similar silent hill + resident evil 4 5, but with different combat. didn't like the same enemies over and over and no real bosses, but it made sense. what game has bosses anymore?

i thought nightmare mode was balanced pretty good. just the right amount of difficulty and was still fun. not annoying like some games out there. the running was ridiculous at times, but then you could run past everything if it was more useful. just think if you couldn't sprint like some games. be thankful. you could just barely flare dodge it light to light. when runnin and gunnin through 2nd playthough on nightmare to finish quickly. super glad only had to play through twice. 3 would of been to much.

it still has minuet flaws which could of been improved on considering it took them 5 years. then again i've noticed what game is absolutely perfect to fit all the diverse gaming needs of ppl, but im sure glad they delayed it so many times. who knows what is was going to be like, but overall i give it a 10. i just hope the sequel doesn't have MP like bio 2 did even tho it was pretty good, but the single player level design was lacking. i blame it on MP.

sometimes i wonder to myself why i spend 2 hours of my life and piss it away writing these.....

where can i request and idea to the mods? anywayz.. they should make a your final thought thread sticky on all games.

05-26-2010, 11:38 PM
im at the beginning of the last episode right now and... wow!
so far im really enjoying the whole package. graphics might look a little dated, textures are weak here and there, but the lighning is gorgeous.
the soundtrack is top notch, voiceacting a little meh, but barry made everything i had to complain go away with that stupid headlight joke.

combat on the otherhand is dull. it just feels like a shooter mixed with this.. i dont know, zelda or some other game. it never gets boring, its always intense when they surround you and start trowing residentevil like knifes at you, but it just feels bland. like: "oh lookie, firstly i have to shoot the shield down and then finish this elite off, hell yeah!" i dont know, its old. i guess.

animations look stiff at times, and man i hate it when alan jumps. juck!

storywise its brilliant. at least till the fifth chapter. still gotta play the last episode to make a final conclusion. but so far, i love this "its all in my head" stuff.

... nah, i just cant complain. im really having a f***ing great time with alan wake!

ps: that achievement that requires you to get trough the town without dying? grml! i managed to get through all those taken without problems, and after the final parking loft, where you go up that small path to the road to the choppa, theres this lonely bench and table with a flare. well, i wanted to look down the cliff and... i just hate it when alan jumps! gosh! :Angel

05-27-2010, 10:51 PM
Yes this really was a great game to play. but I still think that MS was not smart though releasing Alan wake on the same day as Red dead what were there thinking. it seems to have killed all of Alan's sales. people must know about this game. spread the word

05-28-2010, 10:46 AM
ha ha ive already spread the word to all my friends. i played alan first because it was a horror and it has been in works 4ever. im playing red dead now. alot of ppl say they want to play AW, but there sucked into red dead. i said the opposite.

05-28-2010, 11:13 AM
Agreed. Great game. Planning to play it again soon.