View Full Version : Scavange under par time guide.

05-26-2010, 11:21 PM
This tread is for people who have problems beating this mission under par time which is said is quite difficult anyway here is my guide

(1) Play as Rising sun Immediatly build 2 Dojo cores and unpack them near the soviets base and a power plant in your base then get a few imperial worriers out and steal
2 Apocalipse tanks then put them in front off the soviet base ( BE QUICK WITH THIS ) Don't allow them to take the 2 Athena cannons as they do heavy damage to your two Apocalipse tanks there.

( If they take any Athema cannons ( the Electric orbital ones ) destroy them quickly there light armor will only take one or two hits anyway.

(2) While your 2 Apocalipse or keeping the soviets at bay and stopping them from taking any units and stopping anything from getting past them the soviets weak units are getting destroyed and your 2 tanks are promoting easily.

(3) keep your Dojo cores popping with lots of inperial worriers and keep taking the best units on the battle field Apocalipse tanks Athema cannons and normal tanks the move in with your 2 Apcalipse tanks they should easily destroy everything first destroy the war factory then barracks second you may bring extra units if you wish too but i didn't need them ONLY DESTROY the construction yard barracks and the war factory leave any power plants on ore refinarys as the you can easily finish this off later and wastes time while the other enemy is taking more tanks and getting stronger.

(4) By this time you should have lots of infanty Move all your units to the other side near the other enemy base making sure your taking everything in your way there a lot of Apocalipse tanks and King Onis and a few others then move in make sure all your units are gathered up and destroy everything remember once all there buildings are destroyed all the extra units will die hence making it easier so i wouldn"t bother with destroying units too much once all there buildings are dust move back and finish off the few defenseless structures left on the soviet base then victory.

I hope this guide helps someone this was my best way of beating this mission and i thought it might help some one else too.

I beat this in 9 mins and par time is 14 mins so i had plenty of time spare
this is my first guide i have wrote so please don"t critisise my bad punctuation as i have tried to make this as easy to follow as possible