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Vault Lad
06-02-2010, 12:20 AM
Was a little thrown by the price on XBLM. I'm not saying that it's unjustified (from what I've played of SM on PC they're absolutely outstanding) but given that the season wrapped up, what, two years ago? Quite hefty. Anyway I was wondering if there was a boxed copy of the episodes available yet, Seems to be the only way I can justify dropping so much on an arcade title.

This is not a slur on the quality of what is still arguably this generations most witty, inventive and all round barrel full of monkeys fun since, well... Monkeys Island :woop:

06-02-2010, 10:28 AM
OK! If you bought SAM & MAX SEASON 1 or 2 from TellTale Games directly, you would have to pay $25. Either S&M Season on XBLA is 1600MSP, which equates to about $20 each. A saving of $10 if you bought both Seasons! (My maths isn't that good, but it should be nearly right!)

Now, WALLACE & GROMIT can be bought (as a whole Season) from TellTale for $20. If you bought each episode on XBLA, you'd have to pay 3200MSP, which is about $40.

HOWEVER! On another other side of the argument (especially in an achievement-orientated environment such as this), which is the better offer?
SAM & MAX is only 400GP for 3200MSP. (2x1600MSP)
WALLACE & GROMIT is slightly better at 800GP for 3200MSP. (4x800MSP)

Finally, if you are talking actual gaming content (not including file size);
SAM & MAX is 11 2-4 hour episodes of gameplay for 3200MSP.
WALLACE & GROMIT is 4 2-4 hour episodes for 3200MSP. Nearly a third of the content!

Swings and roundabouts! Horses for courses... etc!

Now, don't get ME wrong here! I've bought these games on the PC and the X360. I'm a huge fan of TellTale and adventure games in general (Duh, who'd have guessed?), so I want them to continue developing these games for like-minded and usually, but not exclusively, older players! If that meant me paying more into their coffers, then so be it! But that's just my opinion! An opinion that seems to get me into trouble these days! Tsk!

(MSP to Dollars calculations made from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Points (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Points) . Local currency deviations may occur!)

Vault Lad
06-02-2010, 08:33 PM
Very cool. Didn't actually know Wallace and Gromit was a Telltale project, will deffo look that one up. Anyway, I'm not that pushed about the achievement to cash return, just don't want to drop 50 euro on something which costs 1/2 of the price elsewhere.

Other query: Heard anything about a boxed edition of the S&M seasons for the 360? Almost everything but the 360 has one. The Wii and PC ones are ultra cheap as well.

06-03-2010, 07:22 AM
Your purchase, and which platform that it's on, sounds like it's governed on price rather than achievement score. Only regional pricing can help you there, then!

SAM & MAX was never released on WiiWare, due to Nintendo's unbelievably strict file-size limits. This forced TellTale to release each Season on a Wii disc. (NOTE: It plays slightly worse than the XBLA version! I haven't bought Season 2 yet, though!)
XBLA is a little more flexible about file-sizes (I'm looking at you, WATCHMEN!), TellTale found they could release an entire Season in one go without all that messing about with discs and boxes and inlays and regional pricing and whatnot.
PC users get direct-download and disc options 'cos PC is TellTale's platform of choice. Basically.

X360 retail disc? Considering the costs TellTale would have to incur on titles that, frankly, sold VERY poorly, I doubt they will release SAM & MAX as a retail product. And why should they when it is already released on a platform that auto-manages itself? (ie TellTale do not have to do anything when someone wants to purchase it!)

Final point; SAM & MAX Season 3 is currently 'playing' for PS3, PC & iPad but will TellTale release it, later, on XBLA? Well, as mentioned earlier, the sales for SAM & MAX #2 were terrible, so I can't see it happening (despite TellTale saying they would like to).

On a gaming platform that's saturated with 'seen-it-all-before' Action games, a few thinking games (this includes Puzzlers) are a welcome change. Sadly, I am in the minority. (I am olde and don't have the reflexes for Gears of Halo Planet 2 or whatever)

05-05-2011, 12:54 PM
nice working out on price for achievments, just done wallace and gromit episode 1, now doing both sam and max and the rest, these games are good, back to the future is out soon is it not? all in all i think there deffo worth the price

05-20-2011, 06:42 AM
nice working out on price for achievments, just done wallace and gromit episode 1, now doing both sam and max and the rest, these games are good, back to the future is out soon is it not? all in all i think there deffo worth the price

I didn't gel with BACK TO THE FUTURE and gave up half way through the series... and JURASSIC PARK is just a completely different game! I prefer the olde-skool adventures and so looking forward to CURSE OF MONKEY ISLAND SE! (if it ever appears)

02-22-2014, 06:18 AM
I understand its multiple episodes but its been out 5 years now and has been on sale once? It should be dropped to $10 by now.