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06-02-2010, 10:24 AM
It's time for a little mutant flavored rumor-mongering. With an emphasis on the word "rumor"...

Could it be that Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson might be playing Cyclops in X-Men: First Class (http://uk.movies.ign.com/objects/142/14270431.html)? That's the speculation of the day, thanks in large part to a paparazzi photo that has surfaced of the actor, Kick-Ass and First Class director Matthew Vaughn (http://uk.stars.ign.com/objects/911/911292.html) and James McAvoy (http://uk.stars.ign.com/objects/916/916492.html), who will be playing a young Charles Xavier in the soon-to-be-shooting X-film. The three are seen taking one of those oft-discussed, fancy-pants Hollywood "meetings."

http://moviesmedia.ign.com/movies/image/article/109/1094189/aj_1275438236.jpg Aaron Johnson

Filmonic (http://filmonic.com/will-aaron-johnson-be-joining-x-men-first-class-2011) uncovered the photo, and as they point out, Johnson would seem to be too young to be cast in the Magneto role… so Cyclops seems a likely bet. The site also notes that First Class producer Bryan Singer (http://uk.stars.ign.com/objects/912/912510.html) has reportedly met with Johnson about his project Jack the Giant Killer (http://uk.movies.ign.com/objects/033/033435.html)… and word on the street has it that Singer was also using those casting sessions to scout for X-Men talent.

Then again, there's also the fact that Filmonic refers to Johnson as "Johnston," a minor error, but one that doesn't necessarily add any credence to their postulations. Still, this is what the Internet was made for, eh?

Source - IGN.com

06-02-2010, 01:17 PM
I didn't even know an X-Men movie like this was in the works, but I'm really glad to see that it is. I'm glad they're revisiting some of the underlying storylines for different characters...I can't say I enjoyed The Last Stand very much since it was pretty much as far away from the comic books as I can even imagine, but this whole "working backwards" thing could work out really well for them.