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06-05-2010, 03:42 PM
I figure a topic like this can't hurt since we've probably got a lot of real Doom fans around here.

I personally really dig the megawads, full 30-some level total conversions and such. Hell Revealed 1-2 are absolute beasts, these things even make Final Doom look pretty easy, heh. But if you're not in it for the difficulty, the Community Chest sets are very cool (think there's 3-4). Memento Mori 1-2 are also incredible stuff, I think I remember these ones were pretty tough too, though maybe not Hell Revealed level.

I've only played a bit of the first Deus Vult, but it has some of the biggest most complex and detailed maps I've ever seen, the first one itself is only 4 levels but they're huge. Really cool stuff.

The thing I really like about the unofficial megawads, is that since the maps are usually separately created by fans, they're always incredible diverse and different from one another. But in some of the good sets like Hell Revealed and Memento Mori, you still get a sense of consistency going through the games. Sometimes but not always. But I just love how it makes for such an interesting experience. The Community Chest stuff is really all over the place, since those are literally just kind of "collections" of good maps and stuff. If you can handle the randomness it's cool to see how different maps can be.

I imagine they switched up the level editors around for the official games at times, but yeah. You get a bit more freedom in other wads.

Also I very highly recommend people check out Doom 64, there's a total conversion for it (Absolution) if you've got Doom 2 you can easily get this running, and I highly recommend getting the Doom 64 music files since it adds to the experience. Some people say this game lacks the Doom vibe since it's so different, but I really love it for what it is. To me it's almost like this game is more "Doom 3" than Doom 3 itself, a real evolution of what could (or really did) happen after Doom II. It's quite a beast as well, later on I swear it felt like Hell Knight's became the normal enemies, haha. If you want a very fresh, but still classic-like Doom experience, this is it.

Now do you guys use all those add-ons and such? Personally I just love playing Doom in its classic style, no mouse look, jumping, or anything like that, and I prefer the original graphics. All I'll usually bump up is the obvious resolution and such. If I want Quake or whatever... I'll just go play that, haha. But that's me.

06-05-2010, 04:05 PM
I haven't done much in terms of home-made WADs, but I tried Absolution. Didn't get far, it was kicking my ass and I had no clue what to do. And my PC playing always gets dwarfed by my 360, Wii, and PS3.

But I never do the add-on things like vertical aiming or jumping. I don't want that in my Doom so I turn it off.

06-05-2010, 07:03 PM
Never played any but the Nuts.Wad looks insane and fun :)
YouTube- Nuts.Wad (Or Zombie surfing)

06-06-2010, 04:18 PM
I'll list some of my favorites:

Trust: This is a very well-made mod featuring a hub-like area with different levels, interactive NPC's, and headcrabs! It has some nice scripting and I thought it was pretty advanced for being a Doom 2 mod. It's at Fatal's Shrine, but apparently you can't DL unless you contact Fatal. It also had a good storyline. Fatal was working on a sequel to it, but it was never completed.

Vilecore: This was like a 30-something megawad. It had some pretty good levels. Worth a play.

X-Doom: This was a very nice TC ( probably unfinished still ) that took place on a space station and had some of the most unique scripting of any TC or wad I've ever played. The text was in French and I couldn't understand what the fuck I was supposed to do, but it was great.

DBZ Weapons Mod: Replaced all the weapons with moves ( RL was Vegeta's Big Bang attack, BFG was the Kamehameha, etc... ).

Twilight Warrior: A nice TC that put you as a spec-ops soldier. Good level and weapon designs. It's also at doomworld.com.

Mummy Phuquers: I liked this one for two things; the name and the Egyptian textures and designs.

Doom 2-Xtreme: Holy Fuck! This was literally Doom 2 on crack times 100. The weapons were juiced and so were the monsters. Demons of the same type could fight and damage each other. It was great seeing a ton of Cyberdemons rip each other a new one. It was also god-forsaken hard. Definitely the hardest TC/wad I've ever played.

Sonic TC: Totally changed the game to a 3rd-person Sonic the Hedgehog game ( ala Sonic 3D Blast ). It was fun. Inputting cheat codes would kick you out of the game. xD

Golden Eye TC: A nice replica of all the levels and most of the weapons from Golden Eye. No drivable tank. :(

Other TC's/wads I remember playing, but don't remember a damn thing about:

Phobos Anomaly
Doom Resurrection
Robocop TC
Terminator TC
Ghost Busters TC

06-06-2010, 08:25 PM
TC in the context here means "total conversion", right?

06-07-2010, 06:13 AM

Keywork Groover
06-07-2010, 12:54 PM
Yeah, I made a fair few levels back in the day. There was some really brilliant levels out there.

Also, Doom64 - I concur! It was a great game and well worth a play.

06-07-2010, 03:46 PM
Nice list Jet! Haven't played those myself so I'll have to check them out.

mjc: If I had to recommend some TC's for someone a bit new to them, I'd say go with Memento Mori. I'm replaying those two a bit right now and the memories of the games are coming back to me moreso than the other wads I'm playing... so the levels and everything were really memorable. Great stuff.

Yeah the thing about Doom64's difficulty, is that even if you put the game on the easiest difficulty setting you're still going to have trouble because of the level designs themselves. Right off the bat I remember getting stuck in level 2 the first time I played it, with that darkened room right at the start. This game definitely doesn't hold your hand at all.

To be honest though I remember after the first dozen or so levels, the space levels, the level design seemed to get a little less hectic, heh. It is Doom so the hell levels and environments are expected, but I kind of wish the space segments of this game was a bit longer. Definitely had the creepier atmosphere I'd say. But yeah if you can manage it, I say stick it out and try to finish the game, it can be so challenging and brutal it's very rewarding to get through.

Also, speaking of the official but slightly unofficial (I hear id didn't make them), I do remember really enjoying Plutonia... but I started up TNT and so far the level designs seem kind of amateurish. I dunno how to explain it but it just feels a little bland so far. Maybe I just need to get further. I know I completed Plutonia (and how could I forget "Go 2 It"? heh), but I'm not sure if I ever actually completed TNT.

Above, I think I was mixing up Deus Vult with something else. Anyone have any idea what wad I might be talking about? All I remember is that it was kind of a shorter wad but the levels were absolutely insanely detailed and really huge. I forgot Deus Vult has some big changes like duel pistols, but the "big wad" I'm thinking of I think was classic Doom with all the weapons and whatnot. Hmmm...

By the way, for the experts out there what programs do you use for Dooming? I'm on Win7 and seem to have the best performance with Doomsday, though with Kicks 2.09 is there anyway to easily add custom profiles for more games? I tried making my own files under kicksprofiles, but setting that up I'd get weird "Illegal IWAD errors" even though if I selected the wad's as addons under Doom 2 they'd work just fine. I wish I could figure this out so I can have seperate save files for each wad... or maybe I could just copy Doom 2 over and over again, but doing it that way seems way more complicated than it should be.

I tried out the newer DENG beta with Snowberry, but I get huge performance drops with that one and for some reason the HUD/perspective in the games is all messed up, like my character looks taller than human/imps and the HUD is unreadable since it's so tiny. Uninstalling completely and reinstalling didn't help... wish this one worked better since you can easily make more profiles with it.

I used ZDoom a lot in the past, but Doomsday seems a bit more user friendly. Well somewhat...

06-08-2010, 09:49 AM
XP is the best for gaming. Fuck Vista and W7.

I use Skulltag to run my shit because it includes more weapons like the railgun. It's basically a modified Zdoom engine. Doomsday is better on pc's that have good hardware. I haven't been able to get Absolution running because of fucking errors.

That's why I don't really play Dooim anymore because of stupid shit you have to do in order to run the WAD's right. The dumbest shit I remember was getting Sprain to run. I had to extract all the files to a fucking floppy disk and then relocate them to my Doom 2 directory. Any other way didn't work.

I also had a Batman TC. LOL

06-08-2010, 02:35 PM
I haven't actually tried running any source ports in Windows 7 yet, so I'm unaware of any pains in the ass to be had with it.

06-09-2010, 09:04 AM
Being a modder of the ZDoom/Skulltag community, I do enjoy my WADs with new fancy features. That doesn't mean I don't like the classic style of Doom though. I don't know what's all this about ZDoom/Skulltag not being user friendly though. Download ZDoom, put Doom2 in the same folder and bam away you go. Seriously, try again if you're up for playing with the updated stuff. There's some great experiences to be had let me tell ya! http://www.zdoom.org/wiki/Installation_and_execution_of_ZDoom But if you're after classic Doom, other ports are probably best.