View Full Version : Did this glitch in Ep. 2 happen to anybody else?

Red Testament
06-05-2010, 07:53 PM
Well, maybe not a glitch, but more of a NPC getting stuck. During the stand against the taken, the kidnapper got stuck. The wave before he starts to pry off the boards, he wedged himself to the right of the stairs. There's a small pole that serves no purpose. It doesn't even have a sign.

So, when the Taken came as he is supposed to pull the boards off, he instead was shooting them. Forgot to mention this was on Nightmare difficulty. I restarted the checkpoint, but it started at the same spot -- him stuck, when he should be taking off the boards. I had to use all my flares and good amount of batteries, as well as a lot of dodging so that he could kill all the Taken.

But he was still stuck. So I had to jump off the steps and at him a few times to unwedge him. Let's just say the last stand at Lover's Peak got interesting. I tried to conserve as many flares as I could, but I ultimately had to use them all.

I'm just glad I didn't have to restart the level. That ambush right before the cable car was a bitch without flares.

06-07-2010, 07:13 AM
Right after the part you mentioned he got stuck on my game. When you get to the top and have to defend by the ledge, he went towards the end of the dock and was stuck behind the railing. His legs were moving and he was just standing still. He was shooting and not hitting anything at all. Quite annoying...I just reloaded the previous checkpoint.

I haven't come across any other really bad glitches yet. A few annoying things have happened though. I was grabbing a manuscript on the edge of a rock and a taken threw one of those hatchets and it knocked me off the mountain...I did laugh but it was still annoying.