View Full Version : Freezing explanation and fixes

06-08-2010, 01:34 PM
First of all, if you want the least amount of freezing, don't play while connected to XBL. Why? Because whenever your fucktard "friends" sign on and off the notification flashes which causes the system to load more than it should. Press the eject button if it takes longer than the method below to work. If it goes back to the dashboard, feel free to send a nice hate message to the fucker that caused your game to freeze! >:)

Also there are times when your game freezes with the soundtrack still playing. Press the guide button. If you heard the sound of it, you're gonna need to wait a couple minutes until the screen darkens to get back to the action.

Another fix that should work in theory is to disable notifications while playing. If it works, then you won't have to play offline.