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06-09-2010, 02:59 PM
a couple of weird things happened to me on my nightmare playthrough. well i say weird they are both glitches of sorts...

episode 4 - Anderson farm: when you have to defeat the combine harvester i thought i found a lovely glitch. when you exit the barn and the combine burst's out, the barn entrance gets blocked. now facing the barn entrance and to the left is a gap i somehow manged to get through. once in the barn nothing can touch you(taken or combine), so i stood by the gap i jumped through and defeated everything. once the last taken had burned i got the cutscene of the big taken bursting through the door with a chainsaw, so i waited in the barn for him to come over then i killed him. now came the time for me to exit the barn.... but i couldn't, now gutted my newly found glitch was useless i reloaded previous checkpoint...

here comes the weird... i run out the barn doing my best to avoid the taken while trying to get rid of the combine... a few minutes pass and i've killed 3 taken and the combines nearly dead... 3 more taken appear, after a minute or so the combine flames out of existence... then 1 taken dead.... 2 taken dead. now theres only 1 left, i shine my torch at him then boost the beam... he flashes brightly and i know its time to take him down.
i whip out my hand gun and put 6 shots into him... nothing!.. confused i reach for my hunting rifle and fire off 5 shots... he's still coming for me, shit!.... i drop a flashbang and fire a flare at the same time at him.... i wait for the light to dim from the flare, but through the light the taken still walks towards me.
im now thinking ive gotta reload the checkpoint again because nothing is stopping this taken, but as im running away from him i get to the corner of the field and the cutscene plays and that big ole taken with the chainsaw burst's through the door i burn him with my torch and open fire with a flare to get rid of him quick. now with the untouchable taken on my ass i dash through the door and up the ladder and out..... thankfully he had gone by the time id let barry out of the silo and had to cross the same field again to get to the house. might not have made it to the house if he'd still been there!

i've now finished game 1000g and looking forward to DLC in july.

has anyone else come across any glitches or wierd stuff?