View Full Version : "Carny" achievement glitch

firehawk N Wv 26
06-12-2010, 06:38 AM
Im not sure if this has happene dto anyone else or not but it has happened to me. I got the Crany achievement the other night but it didnt add the 10 points to my gamerscore. I added the points up indiviually and I have 610 for the game so far but it only displays as 600. My current gamerscore is 69515 and now when I compare to another players it says 69505. This is the first time Ive been glitched on points or in anyway for any achievement. Has anyone had ths happen or know how to fix it?

Ron Jeremy R6
06-12-2010, 07:13 AM
Dude use the search, there are 1-5 threads being made about this glitch everyday..

firehawk N Wv 26
06-12-2010, 08:14 AM
I never thought to use it lol . My bad! Well as long as Im not the only one.