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06-14-2010, 06:02 AM

Now that THAT is out of the way, let me try to help anyone else getting this achievement.

Level 4 is annoying, but its not BAD. Just like in Mission 3, once you get the hang of it, you can just about play without getting hit everytime (IMO, level 2 is prob the most annoying since the zombies are random). The hardest part (IMO) is the first section, the desert area.

I start by getting the camel and getting your way thru the first few guys. The first truck isnt too hard, you can kinda creep up on it without many guys getting out.

After that a few more guys then the 2nd truck with 1 helicopter, you can stand to the right and just focus on the helicopter and it should blow up without even shooting. Make sure to throw some grenades ahead if some guys get too close. Then there are 2 more helicopters, same approach.

After that save the prisoner in the sandbag, he's a lil helpful.

Now there are more guys coming in front and in back, followed by planes dropping grenades, this is where it gets annoying. I stay to the left and try to get the planes first since their bombs are right at your level when you're on the camel. You should also encounter 2 tanks, try to kill em quickly with 2 grenades, without getting hit from behind. Thats the hardest part for me.

Now theres a few more guys from behind and in front and alas you're at the end of this part. THIS was annoying but you have to get a rhythm for the game. You will see 2 tanks coming ahead at the same time 2/3 guys come up from behind while there are 2 helicopters that come a lil later. Get the tanks first. After that you will get another take and he'll come to the opposite side your on so try to stay to the right so he comes ahead of you, and take him out. The helicopters arent that much of an issue, i get them last after the tanks.

Now if you were lucky to get past that part without getting hit you reach the door, go thru it instead of up the platform (there should be a heavy machine gun too from one of the copters).

Kill the first 2 piranah plant things, after the barrels, these flower thingys fall from the air, they're 'semi-homing' if they're next to you, so try to kill/knife them and if they're too close to your right, jump over/around them. Save the 2 guys and get the flame shot, this helps a lot. After that get, move that crank switch and jump down the hole, watch out for that piranah plant. Toss a grenade to be safe.

Now you're in the 'underground' part. IMO this is really easy once you've done it a few times and know what to do. First of all, the little maggot thingies on the floor, if they get close to you they'll blow up infront of you, so if you want to be careful, you dont have to knife them, they'll blow up a good distance in front. So keep going right till you get near the next crank, this is where you'll start meeting bigger enemies.

You'll get those crab things to the right and the left, so stay to the left but watch out for the ones coming from behind. If you have the flame shot, it wont be too hard. Theres about 3 or 4 waves of them. After that once you pass the crank, you'll see 2 more crabs ahead and 1 behind, get the one from behind and the 2 ahead with the flame shot.

Continue thru the level and now its not too bad cuz its mostly maggots that you can knife or flame (You should still have plenty).

Finally you'll get to a part where you'll see some a crab by a wall of maggots, i usually knife the maggot wall then throw a grenade on the crab and save the prisoner. I think he drops a shotgun, which is good cuz its powerful.

Then you'll see about 3 more crabs, easy with the shotgun. After you drop down you'll get some enemies in front and behind, not too bad then you get the 'super crab' enemy i guess. These are are more powerful and stronger than the level 1 guys. I think it takes about 4 or 5 grenades to kill him, so when he comes i throw em real quick. He drops a heavy machine gun.

Once you're past him i think theres a few more enemies then you get into the vehicle. Now you're pretty much safe from here on (minus the boss).

You'll encounter these huge slug thingies, the first one is really strong so shoot him and use that drill thing on him, he should die quickly. From there on, every slug (except the last one) is weak and just shooting it will dispatch it quickly. Be careful of crabs behind you, cuz they'll hit you with their claw so kill the ones in the front, then back, and repeat this until you get to another mega-slug thing.

Finally you get to the last slug, and he's the most powerful, so shoot and drill at the same time and you're good. I think he drops a Laser shot.

After that you'll reach these snail things which are real easy with your vehicle. Just hitting the A button lifts you up to kill the ones crawling on the ceiling. This part in the vehicle is really easy. Just watch out for the little flies. They're easy to kill in the vehicle but will do a little damage if you get hit by them.

I try here to avoid any of the gun pickups except for the Laser shot which the last prisoner holds. One of the big shells holds a Enemy Chaser, which is ok but i like to have a lot of lazer shot for the boss. When you reach him you should have about 450.

Now the boss, not much I can say but all his attacks are random, of the 4 he has. The most ANNOYING one is the yellow diamond thing, because its random and if you move all the way to the right you're bound to get hit. Best bet its to stay underneath it and move left and right little by little. The 2nd most annoying are the wolf ghosts. I tend to die if they get dispatched in the beginning cuz i jump way to early, they're a lot easier when the boss is almost dead and they're faster. The ones you want to hope to get are the red diamonds, because they're kinda homing and shoot where you last stand, so stand underneith the boss and move left, then right etc. The easiest is the beam that turns you into coins.

theres a glitch supposedly where you can get one of the wolfs trapped in the corner the boss never fights back but i never got it to work. Anyway the ending really requires some skill and luck, but if you're familiar with him you'll be ok. I suggest getting to the end, and not shooting him. Learn to dodge his attacks first. Play the level a lot and get a feel for where the enemies come in and any cheap things they might throw your way you werent expecting.

This youtube clip was kinda my guideline when I started 'learning' the level.


BTW, DO NOT PRESS X and A AT THE SAME TIME WITH THE CAMEL! That forces him to run away (just like leaving the vehicles) and will make the beginning of the level a pain in the ass! So be careful when you're jumping and gunning. Also I found that the last part of the sand level was sometimes easer without using the camel but you decide whats easier. (When I got the achievement I was on the camel, but other times I was playing I jumped off and didnt get hit there, i died earlier in the level ON the camel).

YouTube- [Part of Mission 4]Metal Slug 3 Level 8 Superplay(NO MISS)

07-20-2010, 08:46 PM
Good guide man, but what I found easier was to take the high route after the desert area with soldiers, tanks, helicopters, etc. The higher route has less of trouble considering the only thing you will battle are plants and the mummies are a breeze. As for the boss, yeah it does take a little memorization for his attacks and jumping over the dogs, but after spamming X, you'll be in the clear. :)

The Stray
07-21-2010, 12:20 PM
IMO, you can do this on "Easy" Difficulty, save the Shotgun for the Boss, not get hit, and it'll unlock/appear. Of course, it'll take some practice.

07-26-2010, 09:17 PM
lol it WAS on easy!

explode a tron
03-18-2011, 05:47 AM
Thanks for the guide and video, they're a big help. Quick question: is there any difference in the characters in this game? In MS XX they have different abiltiies, but I haven't noticed anything different here. Am I just missing the obvious? :uzi:

04-18-2011, 03:16 PM
Tip, this and every level can be done easier with another decent player who is willing to die ALOT. (: