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04-13-2007, 08:09 AM
Bomberman is reborn on the next generation of video game consoles! Deep within an experimental underground facility, humans are imprisoned as test subjects and trained to become soldiers. Equipped with armored battle suits, the subjects must fight for survival and eliminate each other to determine who will become the Final Human Weapon. As Bomberman, your objective is simple: destroy your opponents before they destroy you.
Key Features:

Survive through 99 stages as you try to escape to the surface
Scramble for hidden items like the program extension chip to strengthen your armor
Evade looming bomb blasts from a new tension-filled perspective
Utilize a new life bar and item system for a more aggressive gameplay style
Earn multiple achievements in single and multi-player modes to increase your Gamer Score
Up to 8 players can battle for survival online through Xbox Live and earn points to become the ultimate weapon on the World Rankings.
Choose to play as a male or female Bomberman and select from a variety of different color schemes