View Full Version : Trigger the Bloodshed: Degenerate. The promos have been sent out...

06-18-2010, 11:49 AM
...and I got my copy for review. Can't wait to tear into this one, might hop into it this morning before I go to bed. I wasn't a fan of their first CD, and their second was pretty good, but so far from what I've heard, this album? Absolutely sick and intense Death Metal and Grindcore. The whole Deathcore aspect seems to be far away from this release, which really makes me happy.

Here's some youtube vids. And no, I didn't upload these.

YouTube- Trigger The Bloodshed - Hollow Prophecy

YouTube- Trigger The Bloodshed - Until Kingdom Come [New Album 2010] Degenerate

YouTube- Trigger The Bloodshed - A Sterile Existence [NEW]