View Full Version : Horrible horrible data is deleted!!!

06-18-2010, 06:01 PM
Can anyone maybe help me or explain to me what happened please!?

I bought Lips #1 Hits in last November, it was my first Lips, i bought the 80's and Classics too...now i got the original very first Lips.

Now i played it and saw afterwards that all my stats from the other lips games were deleted and reset.

I won lots of trophies that are deleted now, i had way over 30k stars that are deleted now...i had 500k plus medals that are delted now...


All my stats seem to be translated to the original lips...i have all those above stats on my lips in the original one but in all other Lips games i have the stats since i played the original lips today...for example like 2k stars and 20 medals or whatever...

...this is really stinky...