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06-19-2010, 03:46 PM
I have given this its own thread, since I have all of the locations now. After collecting an extender (four green, four yellow total), you must complete the level to save the progress. Quitting out will not save the extender and you will have to get it again. After collecting an extender, you will see either the health or energy bars increase.

Make sure you are familiar with the level and use my references to guide you (e.g. red keycard). The achievement unlocks once you complete the level (providing you have not missed any / quit out). Once you have all the extenders, you should have 40 bars on yellow and 40 bars on green also. The bars should be both equal. If you have 35 on one, make sure you haven't missed one or it could be a similar glitch to what I had, which means you would need to delete your save and start again from the first level.

Level 2 •

When you get past the red door, go all the way right, keeping yourself on the same level. There are various enemies that protect this extender.

Level 4 •

Just after climbing the ladder from the start of the level, you will have to use Big Chill to go downwards carefully. When you pass the red enemy (on the left), land down on floor below (there will be a ladder here and a blue enemy). Don't go down this ladder. Instead, take the left and go downwards some more. When you make it to the bottom, you will see the extender and a switch to open an exit.

Level 6 •

Note: You may want to unlock Jet Ray from a later level to make getting this easier.

When you get to the red keycard, above you should see a platform for Spidermonkey to use. From here, use Humongousaur's special ability to break down the walls and take out the enemy. Pick up the big rock, place it on the switch to activate the platform above. Use a combination of Spidermonkey and Big Chill to jump up higher from here on. You should see another big rock. Switch back to Humongousaur and place the big rock on the other visible switch. This then allows you to use Humongousaur next to the other breakable wall on the left.

Along here, take out more enemies and use Big Chill again to further jump. It is a very wide distance to the extender across the fire. Use Jet Ray to get across the fire (unlocked in a later level). You may want to use Big Chill to get across a little way and then switch to Jet Ray, to ensure you don't die.

Level 7 •

After going past the red door, keep going down some levels until you get to two adjacent ladders. From the top of the left ladder, go left on that route. Use Lodestar to get down safely, avoiding the moving blocks with spikes. You will see the extender on your route downwards.

Level 9 •

Located on the very last section where you use Lodestar around the blocks with spikes. It is located in the top left corner of this room. You should see a platform that allows Spidermonkey to grab on to get to it. Work your way around, being careful of the spikes.

Level 12 •

This is near the beginning of the level. When you get to those plants on the spikes (just up a floor), use Swampfire to grow them. There is one coming out on the right wall. Get on this, jump using Spidermonkey, then double jump with Big Chill, switch back to Spidermonkey to get onto the platform above.

Level 14 •

On this level, there are three doors to unlock. When you've found the part (top left area) where you use Swampfire to grow the plant things from the spikes (to allow you to reach the ladder), this is where you will find this next extender. When you are at this point, go up the ladder, where the item is located to activate the door. The top left of this section is where you need to go. You can double jump, then fly across to get it. You may find using Jetray helpful but this alien is not necessary.

Level 15 •

You can get this within a minute or so into this level. After passing the red door,
get on board a moving block and look out for two big enemies on your journey. One will be on the left and one will be on the right with a gap between them. Jump off the moving block and fly down to the right side of the section below the two enemies. Alternatively, jump down to the left side and use Jetray to get across the fire. You will come across more enemies and the extender here.

Be sure to complete the levels after getting the extender! An extender will only save after completing a level. Even for the final extender, you will have to complete the level.

06-19-2010, 09:56 PM
I can confirm that level 12 is correct, just done it now, thanks for the guide, will help me when going through the last few levels.

Edit: Also I'm sure I managed to get the one on level 6 without a replay, with just Big Chill.

06-19-2010, 10:06 PM
I have posted all of these but one of my bars is lower than the other one on the game. I haven't got the achievement. I figured it could be Level 12 but if you say that's right, then I'm really confused.

Maybe I forgot to save on one level but I'm sure I did. Also, on Level 6, you may be able to use Big Chill but I recommend Jet Ray, otherwise you get put back to the red keycard if you die (which is a pain, since you have move those blocks again).

EDIT: OK, it must have glitched on me, since I got the achievement on a new save. All of these locations are now complete.

07-04-2011, 11:47 PM
Looks like it glitched on me too and this game can fuck itself if it thinks I'm playing from scratch. I'm missing a yellow extender but have been through each one 3 times now and it's not there on any of them so I'm boned. I hate this game so much right now.

02-09-2014, 05:58 PM
The thread is quite old, but since people are still playing this:

There's a yellow extender missingfrom the list. It can be found in level 10, quite early into the level.

03-25-2014, 09:00 AM
The thread is quite old, but since people are still playing this:

There's a yellow extender missingfrom the list. It can be found in level 10, quite early into the level.

where exactly?