View Full Version : Issues with saving the game a possible warning.

06-19-2010, 04:53 PM
To begin with I have completed the game to 75% on expert through both campaigns. So I dont know if that affected it. But I started a new game on normal, it told me it would overwrite the old save and while playing the game it showed the autosave notice. I only have a standard 60 GB Harddrive with no external cards.

With that being said, I played through the first 8 levels of the autobot campaign on normal getting platinum on the first playthrough in 6 of them. It kept telling me it autosaved. I then signed out of the campaign to try some multiplayer. After doing a few matches, I went back to the campaign and everything seemed fine it said I was at about 22% complete as opposed to my 75%. Played another level and turned it off for a bit to take a break.

When I turned my xbox back on a few hours later it reverted back to the expert and 75% complete campaign. so I deleted everything for the memory banks and started over again, shut it off after three missions to see if it would happen again and it didnt. It is now at 13% on autobot with decepticon not even started yet.

So a fair warning to all who have played on expert first you might want to deleted your memory after getting 75% so you dont have the same issue, unless it was just me it happened to. I would also recommend to any newcomers to the game to do it this way, play expert first, go for 75% and than go back and play normal, as it is simple and should only take 2-3 hours to get platinums on each mission, I dont even know if its possible to get platinum on expert as I was struggling just to get gold on expert.