View Full Version : virtual pro missing? lol

06-20-2010, 05:06 PM
So i created a new virtual pro to start the whole thing in CYC... I did the 1st playthrough np. Got the pro to 84, then i started ANOTHER CYC with THE SAME virtual pro and got the 94, i was gonna start another one to see if i can get above 94 (i know its greedy :P) but the funny thing is that even thou i said upload the pro to use in offline mode, i cannot find him anywhere...

I first tried lookin for the new CYC but they i assumed i guess its not possible for a 3rd playthrough because i couldnt find the guy.. But then i went to edit players still cant find him, then i did kick off and went to team management and he isnt even on the roster... So i was lookin around the interwebs no1 had that problem... Nothin beats posting here and asking if any1 has any ideas. I can only hope anonymous didnt strike my virtual pro because of something i did unintentionally.

Any1 got any ideas as to where the hell my virtual pro is at? lol Thanks for the input...