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06-21-2010, 04:15 AM
Alright. I'd like to state that these are the rules, as came up with my fullmetalx07 and myself. If you want to play, then please sign up in the other tournament. The rules are clearly listed so please don't try to re-write them. The tournament will take place over THIS FORUM. It is a lot easier for everyone involved. Please do not post on this forum, this is where we will post the final who is facing whom with each of the tiers. Any questions, please submit it on the sign-up sheets.

Rules are still being worked on, subject to change. If you have an idea, please private message, visitor message, contact in some way one of the officials of the tournament, and it will be discussed and must be agreed upon. And there will only be 3 moderators, as not to have a "tie vote", and the moderators have already been decided upon.

And if there are any disagreements between duelists, the moderators will have final vote on what will happen.

Now, with that said, onto the rest of the rules.

The date will be announced after we're 100% certain on when the game comes out. But, most likely it'll be a month or so after the release date! So if you'd like to sign up, just leave a comment with your gamer tag and I'll add you to the list.

A few rules:
1. We will do the tournament ONE MONTH AFTER THE GAMES RELEASE ON XBLA. This is for people to gather any cards they need, because Yu Gi Oh games can be tedious on gathering cards.

2. There will be tournament brackets. 32 duelists will be allowed to join, and once the list is finalized, I will put it in a bracket generator and post the first days vs challenges. Simply put, I will put on the official tournament thread who will duel who the first rank.

3. The duels will take place over ONE DAY, not three, not 15 minutes. Three is a little excessive and it will take way longer for the tournament to finish. You have 24-hours to do your duel. People have lives, I cannot assign times to everyone to duel. It would not be fair if I assigned someone a duel time of, say, 12pm, and they have work from 6am to 2pm. How fair would that be? So, assuming everyone has lives outside of video games, you have 24-hours to duel, and that will be up to you and your opponent.

4. It is completely up to each of the duelists to contact each other. Do not be wishy-washy and go "Oh, they'll contact me" whatever. Don't take that chance. If you don't try, then there is a problem. And do not ignore your fellow duelist. It is important, once I post who will be dueling whom to the thread for you to be in contact with the other duelist. Once you see who you will be dueling, PM them, send them an xbox live message, friend request, ext. And decide what time you all can duel. You still have 24-hours from the start of the tournament to duel and sumbit the proof.

5. Now onto the proof. Yes, one or both of you will have to take a picture proof of the duel and who won. I do not want any he-said-she-said crap going on. If picture proof is submitted than nobody can say that is a lie, right? However, if both duelists come back and agree, only one picture needs to be submitted. If the duelists disagree, than each will be asked to supply their own picture proof. But, to avoid that, lets all agree, mmkay?

6. Once the first tier is done, I will generate the second tier where the winners play the winners of the other duels, and there will be 24-hours to duel just like the first round. With 32 duelists, there will be 5 rounds (IE five days. It will start on Monday and end on Friday.)

7. If there is a problem (funeral, RROD, family emergency, whatever would make you not be able to duel) than please let someone know. Let the person you are dueling know, and then, in turn, let me know, and we can figure it out.

8. And if you need to withdrawl from a tournament, you must let someone know. Communication is IMPORTANT.

Any questions? Please contact me, or one of the officials. If there is a problem and you cannot duel, of course talk to your partner and then message one of us and we'll take care of it.

And finally, there will be 3 officials for the tournament. These officials will be:

1. ChemicalxRachel
2. Fullmetalx07
3. Linktriforce007

Good luck Duelists!

06-22-2010, 04:25 AM
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